The complete guide to launching your iGaming affiliate program

There is a movement that marketing specialists can not ignore anymore. When we talk about bringing new clients that will stay and continue playing on your platform a little longer than usual, there is no way not to mention affiliate marketing.  

Affiliates create helpful content for their communities, they do research, show statistics and infographics, use influential marketing and build trust. But the most interesting part is – they share links and refer to relevant and reliable online casino and sportsbook providers.  

You can picture PartnerMatrix as a bridge connecting the two sides of the same river. On one side we have casino and sportsbook operators, on the other – affiliate companies with millions of players. Since it launched in 2015, PartnerMatrix connected over 7 million players to 100+ operators worldwide. Our affiliate software has partnered with international names such as MaxBet, ShangriLa, TotoGaming, JoAffs, FortuneJack, Stake7, DafaBet and RioBet.  

As you’d expect, we provide software for different legislations and regions. But how come we became so popular among big international players? Simple – PartnerMatrix has made affiliate marketing easy to integrate and manage, fully stand-alone powered with MoneyMatrix – one of the leading payment tools in iGaming market, and profitable for everyone, no matter what side of the river you are standing on. 


In 2019 PartnerMatrix partnered with AffiliateINSIDER – one of the biggest media providers in iGaming. We also actively cooperating with high-quality lead generation company Catena Media, and BetterCollective, the leading educational platform in iGaming. This essentially increased our quality of marketing media and program management services. 

Launch your affiliate program from scratch: what you need to know 

It takes only a few clicks to start the integration process. We made it as easy as possible: you only fill in several fields and that’s it. After signing in, our specialist contacts either you or your contact person and the following process is being completely guided. 

Our responding sales and account management team is ready to introduce you to all details and nuances, provide training and consultations on every step of integration. Within 2-4 weeks you can introduce your own campaign, start engaging top affiliates and move to a whole new level of user acquisition and revenue growth. 

Setting up your affiliate system 

PartnerMatrix is a fully stand-alone affiliate marketing solution. Be it localization, set of languages, payment and withdrawal methods, transparency and real-time reporting, or the most advanced solutions and trends. You name anything. And no additional plugins, extensions, or integrations needed. Operators running both affiliate and agent systems learned that it is better to use a unified system to track everything, instead of separate systems to track the same type of data. 

During the integration process and setup of your system, there are a couple of options you need to consider:

Commission Type

Operators use different commission types that fit the best with their affiliate campaign and positioning within iGaming. Casino rates often vary from sportsbook operators’ rates. Also, location plays a big role in choosing the right type, among other factors, so research is needed beforehand. You can customize plans using standard revenue share, tired revenue share – based on net gaming revenue or first-time depositor, – Mix FTD, Tiered Hybrid (a combination of both CPA-based deal and a Revenue Share model), and many more. Again, we are here for any type of consultation and advice. 

Client Segmentation 

Our Client Segmentation feature enables multiple deals. It is very helpful to segment your affiliates and set different commission plans depending on the geolocation of the companies, the channel from which they came and many other attributes. PartnerMatrix provides a big variety of client segmentation which can be set during system setup. Affiliate managers or admins have access to change or create new groups of clients anytime. 

Automated Payments 

All of our operators and affiliates withdraw money directly from PartnerMatrix system interface. A big variety of payment and withdrawal methods became reality due to MoneyMatrix – the leading powerful platform with a variety of payment methods, currencies, cryptocurrencies. MoneyMatrix helps you eliminate paperwork, difficult payment, fraud tool integrations and time-consuming tasks. We made payments simple, fast and secure. 


Time for marketing: traditional techniques combined with innovative solutions 

After setting up your affiliate system and creating a compelling homepage, it’s time to catch a bigger wave. Finding new and trustworthy affiliates is your number one priority on this stage. There are many options to promote your platform, but first, you should prepare your offer. What kind of bonuses you have, what type of commission rates you expect, are you ready to offer individual programs to different affiliates? 

Use PartnerMatrix Powerful Marketing Tools For Maximum Results 

By launching PartnerMatrix you are gaining access to numerous tools that simplify the business for both operators and affiliates. But there are few noteworthy ones that make PartnerMarix really special: 

Marketing tools 

Flexibility and control over you campaigns is essential for doing marketing that will bring you more traffic and clients. In PartnerMatrix dashboard, operators can use set-up sizes for promotional banners and messages. But you also can customize sizes – for special placements and outreaches. PartnerMatrix allows  to promote dynamic banners with HTML5 and GIF formats. It’s also very handy to group your affiliates by different segments to show them different promo-banners and content. 

Transparency and real-time report 

You can’t imagine a successful business without transparency and trust. All the transactions, deals and details should be visible for all the sides. To respond to this demand, our solution provides comprehensive real-time reports with multiple breakdowns as well as detailed bets history for a better insight. PartnerMatrix also delivers feeds and APIs for affiliates to obtain reports and data automatically. 

Your dashboard can be set individually providing control over all the settings and reportings. Our operators can set different roles, pages, reports or data that will be displayed and managed independently. 

Reactivation reward 

This new PartnerMatrix option is the first of its kind in the market. Now  affiliates can reactive users that have been already registered on operators’ platforms and get money for that. In this case The Reactivation Reward feature can also be considered as a player retention tool for operators. Usually, the affiliates are being rewarded only for new player sign-ups and their loss. Now, with the Reactivation Reward, affiliates can earn commissions if they manage to bring back inactive users. 


Effective marketing channels for recruiting affiliates

Now let’s talk about marketing channels. What are the most effective ones to bring more affiliates? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Start your digital marketing

Find affiliates online to promote your program via Social Media (Linkedin is a great platform for this purpose), consider search ads, place banners on relevant platforms. Doing B2B marketing also requires knowing the rules, one of which being don’t rely only on SEO. Start writing helpful blog posts, build an email list and create newsletters.

  1. Find relevant communities

You will be surprised to find so many affiliate communities in iGaming. Starting from big players such as Catena Media (a few years ago it acquired the acknowledged affiliate website for $15 million) to numerous forums, groups on Linkedin and other social media platforms, the industry has a wide range of communities. Find your tribe by connecting and engaging with the ones which are a good fit with your brand positioning.

Here are our top picks:

  • AffiliateINSIDER: With an experienced team and over two decades of program management under their belt, AffiliateINSIDER is an expert team to build affiliate relationships to expand your client reach.
  • Catena Media: Catena Media drives high-value online leads to its clients by helping online casino and sportsbook enthusiasts around the world to find the best deal.
  • Bannerflow: Helping dozens of iGaming companies, Bannerflow Creative Management Platform lets casino and sportsbook operators design, scale, personalize, and optimize their display campaigns.
  • Bojoko: Bojoko, which is operated by Good Game Limited, has positioned itself as the Trip Advisor of the online casino affiliate world and allows operators and game providers to upload their profiles and for players to rate and review them.
  1. Visit conferences and events

Every year numerous affiliate events being held around the world. Depending on your market you can choose and attend only the ones that fit your business the best. London Affiliate Conference is definitely the one to check. You can also add to your list iGB Affiliate Amsterdam, iGB Affiliate Lisbon, Kyiv Affiliate Conference, to name the most popular ones. 

What’s next?

In order to start a successful affiliate program, you need to be consistent in your strategy, develop your platform, and more important – be player-oriented. Here at PartnerMatrix, our aim is to bridge the gap between operators and affiliates by linking the right casinos and bookmakers with the right affiliates for them. 

Drop us a line if you need more information on how to start your affiliate program from scratch, we are here to help. 

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