About Us

EveryMatrix delivers a modular and API driven product suite for casino, sports betting, payments and affiliate/agent management. The company’s B2B iGaming solutions are designed to help clients unleash bold ideas and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets.

To offer the services required by operators, the EveryMatrix products work together as an entire platform or independently. They can be easily integrated with existing platforms to accommodate different types of clients from bookmakers to lotteries and from existing large operations to newcomers.

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The Leadership

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams

  • Ebbe Groes
    Ebbe Groes
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Member of the board
  • Stian Hornsletten
    Stian Hornsletten
    Chief Commercial Officer & Co-founder, Member of the board
  • Anton Lin
    Anton Lin
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim Walls
    Tim Walls
    Group Architect
  • Alina Alexandru
    Alina Alexandru
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Stian Enger Pettersen
    Stian Enger Pettersen
    Head of CasinoEngine
  • Samoil Dolejan
    Samoil Dolejan
    Head of MoneyMatrix
  • Levon Nikoghosyan
    Levon Nikoghosyan
    Head of PartnerMatrix
  • Erik Nyman
    Erik Nyman
    President Americas

The Board

Together with the founders, Ebbe Groes and Stian Hornsletten, we are pleased to introduce our members of the board.

  • Ebbe Groes
    Ebbe Groes
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
  • Stian Hornsletten
    Stian Hornsletten
    Chief Commercial Officer & Co-founder
  • Norbert Teufelberger
    Norbert Teufelberger
    Chairman of the board

Our Fundamentals

Every interaction we have with our clients, their customers, our colleagues and the communities where we operate are guided by these values.

  • We offer a service, not just a software

    Around each core product, we have an operations team, specialized in sports trading, casino games, and payments handling and fraud. All our services are run, managed, tweaked, and protected off our own servers.

  • We aggregate and enhance

    All our products are based on aggregating content, information and services from premium providers on the market. This goes for our sportsbook, our casino, and our payments offering. And for all, we find ways to add value to the mere technical aggregation.

  • We win and lose together with clients

    At the core of all our relationships is revenue sharing. When the sportsbook turnover and margin improves, when the casino volumes grow, when the player deposits increase, both parties make more. Since we share incentives, we share an interest to improve products and services where it matters.

  • We are a flexible and agile partner

    Our company, our teams, and our software are modular rather than monolithic. Our clients can take the sports, casino, and payment products with our front-end or easily build their own, use our back-end or seamlessly integrate it into their own, integrate with our deals with 3rd party providers or use their own deals.

  • We focus

    We focus on flexibility within our product range and beyond to deliver the best-of-breed iGaming solutions that meet the demanding regional, jurisdictional, and clients' requirements.

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The key for us as a true B2B iGaming software provider is to help gaming operators implement bold ideas and unleash unlimited creativity.

Everything is possible.
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