Social Initiatives

Giving back to the community is deeply rooted in EveryMatrix’s identity.

Teachstream (formerly known as Kids Academy)

We are proud initiators and supporters of the Teachstream (formerly Kids Academy) programme that we founded and launched in 2015. This has supplied much needed funds and resources to children who might otherwise never have the opportunity to develop IT skills.

Teachstream’s mission is to offer disadvantaged children in Romania with the chance to access quality education in Computer Science, Mathematics and English.

Teachstream ran for four years in two of Bucharest’s Child Protective Services day-care centres. In 2019, the fifth year of our activity, we opened a new centre, while in 2021 we added a further two new centres in Bucharest, operated in partnership with local Child Protective Services.

Since the beginning of the project, our team helped more than 200 children in their academic journeys. Few skilled full-time teachers and many enthusiasts’ volunteers currently contributing to this wonderful project.

In 2023, we expanded our educational services adding the new “Sfanta Maria” center, complementing our existing five centres. We enrolled an additional 40 children in our program and introduced an additional IT teacher, increasing our teaching staff to six. Teachstream remains fully funded by EveryMatrix, with a total contribution of 264,060 EURO in 2023.


We continue to develop and support many social and environmental activities including our ongoing support for our Ukrainian staff with €1.75m donated to date (end of 2023) helping fund housing costs and other crucial day-to-day needs.

Ongoing support to our Ukrainian Staff with €1.75m donated to date


Volunteering to build the website for Vacaresti Natural Park Association for ”Network for Urban Nature” project


Making the world a better place with employees driven “New Trees for New Life” initiative


Donations to “Mali zmaj” (“Little dragon”) Social Club for children and youth


EveryMatrix contributes to the Carpathian European Wilderness Reserve


Sunday to Ring Road Races, donations for Hospice Malta charity organization


Baking Fest, donations for Malta Autism Center (baked by EM)


Clothes and goods donation for Samusocial


Christmas clothes, toys and goods donation for children