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Sportsbook and Sports Betting Solutions

OddsMatrix is an award-winning, cost-effective sports betting software solution, delivering a wide range of live sports events, multiple sports betting types, great flexibility, comprehensive offering, powerful admin tools and unrivaled profit margins.

OddsMatrix - Sportsbook and Sports Betting Solutions

What does OddsMatrix offer

OddsMatrix is a sports betting software solution and platform which can be integrated into existing gambling operators platform or can be offered as a standalone product, where clients can choose to operate on their license or get a whitelabel from us. Highlights include:

  • Fully managed solution: we take care of everything for you, from event creation and odds compiling to risk management and bet settlement.
  • Great and ever-expanding coverage of betting markets: players can bet on over 21,000 live events per month, over 50 sports and over 250 different betting types.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) module: allows you to create new markets and manipulate existing odds, payouts and risk levels.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools: allow you to drill into your data and assist you in the decision making process.
  • Great website design flexibility: go fully creative and have the front-end build by yourself - we supply all the necessary APIs and data feeds.
  • Cutting-edge software: allows us to achieve profit margins well above average. A few extra percentage points will make a huge difference to your bottom line.
  • Built-in, highly-customizable bonus tool: allows you to go creative with your marketing campaigns.
  • Web-based mobile version: built in HTML5, compatible with all browsers or offered as downloadable iOS and Android app. Placing a bet takes just 3 clicks.

Want details about OddsMatrix?

We'd be happy to give you more details about our Sportsbook and Sports Betting Solutions or help you with any other info if you give us your contact details:

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