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The OddsMatrix Sportsbook platform has an architecture designed for horizontal scalability and high-availability. As a time-tested sport betting supplier, we envisioned a modern and modular sportsbook software solution that offers a wide range of features leading to business growth and punters satisfaction.

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OddsMatrix Sportsbook Highlights

  • Flexible front-end options: you can choose between multiple proven template-based solutions or go fully creative creating yours
  • Industry-leading profit margins as a result of our in-house odds feed
  • Proprietary Risk Management and automated margin adjustments to maximize turnover on profitable bets
  • Real-time settlements to earn the loyalty of your customers
  • Short time-to-market as a new sport with 20 markets is added within 2 weeks
  • Simultaneous usage of feeds to provide automated feed redundancy with industry leading accuracy
  • Geo-location and popularity settings to display regionalized and personalized content on all products
  • Cash out available on singles and multiples with adjustable commission and configurable availability for sports, country, league, event, betting type
OddsMatrix Sportsbook Highlights

Sportsbook front-end
that puts you in control

Controlling the front-end user experience without having any restrictions imposed by the platform provider is an essential aspect for any ambitious sportsbook operator. With the OddsMatrix Sportsbook operators can go fully creative with a unique customizable website based on our sports APIs or use our proven template solutions for quick delivery. The choice is yours, and we are here to help you implement your ideas.

  • Easily manage your sportsbook front-end components
  • Display regionalized content based on geo-location settings
  • Customizable homepage banners
  • Popularity feature to highlight favorite content
  • Live statistics and animations in real-time
  • Variety of betting widgets and configuration tools
Sportsbook front-end <br>that puts you in control

Get total autonomy with the
OddsMatrix Web APIs

With the OddsMatrix Web APIs, operators can leverage the OddsMatrix Sportsbook platform for complex business logic while delivering entirely custom and unique user experience. Our sports betting technology can be easily integrated with existing platforms, and operators uphold total autonomy over their betting sites and apps.

  • Build your own responsive website or native mobile app.
  • Promote high-margin betting opportunities
  • Customize your own betting widgets or coupons
  • Simplify complex bet placements with unique UI
  • Integrates with existing platforms
Get total autonomy with the <br>OddsMatrix Web APIs

Full-featured back office and in-depth reporting

  • Customize margins, from sports down to market level
  • Stay in control, set liability and stake limits from sports to market level
  • Customize risk settings per user
  • Powerful business intelligence, detailed KPIs reporting (profit and loss, betting analysis, top winners/losers, betting transactions)
  • Monitor business and see in real-time incoming bets with all bet attributes available at a glance
  • Monitor back-office users, audit back-office setting changes, risk limits, odds, margins, settlements, and much more
Full-featured back office and in-depth reporting

Get unlimited action for your punters
with BonusEngine

BonusEngine provides a wide range of bonus types and features to OddsMatrix Sportsbook. Your players can enjoy unlimited bonuses at the same time, with no game play interruption. Get your punters in the game with engaging bonus campaigns. Extend player sessions, increase reactivation, boost retention, and reduce bonus costs.

  • Free Bets
  • Cash Bonus
  • Multi-level Wagering bonuses with different rewards per level
  • Fully automated Cash Back based on the player’s losses
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Odds Boost, Stake Back, Risk-free Bets
  • And many more
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Get unlimited action for your punters<br>with BonusEngine

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