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Designed to assist bookmakers and platform providers in diversifying their offering, OddsMatrix Data Feeds is the complete and time-tested sports data solution for delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements covering all major sports events.

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OddsMatrix Bookmaker Feed

Provides sportsbook operators with fast and accurate access to new sports markets and an unrivalled number of sports events.

  • Real-time feeds for pre-live and live odds, stats, scores and settlements
  • API-based visualisation widgets for real-time sports data
  • Fluid odds with minimal bet suspension
  • Options to tweak odds and customize margins
  • Fast-settled markets
  • Industry-leading proven profit margins
  • Trading tool

OddsMatrix Market Feed

Answers the needs of odds comparison, affiliates, tipsters or media websites with pre-live & live odds, stats and scores, adjustable latency, and a large selection of bookmakers.

  • Pre-live & Live Odds Feed
  • Stats & Scores Feed
  • Sure Bets & Value Bets Feed
  • Adjustable latency
  • Up to 150 bookmakers delivered in one feed

Flexible odds selection, fast integration, and one-month trial

Our clients can fully customise the odds selection with their favourite sports, markets, and events. The OddsMatrix Sports Data Feeds and Sports Data APIs are highly flexible, and sportsbook operators can easily integrate them with their current sports data feeds or APIs to boost coverage.

Test the accuracy of our sports data feeds with a one-month free trial.

Flexible odds selection, fast integration, and one-month trial

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