Why should startup casinos choose the PartnerMatrix affiliate software?

The gambling industry is accelerating more than ever, as new regions open their doors to casino and sportsbook business. Even the countries with complicated legislation like Australia have the market value of the iGaming sector now reaching around $150 billion.

New casinos enter the market every day, hoping to snatch a piece from this huge iGaming cake. In this context, some startup casinos may have a better technical background, but they are inferior to the already established casinos in terms of marketing and brand recognition, which ultimately leads to difficulties in generating traffic.

To solve this problem, our team provides a complete affiliate marketing system and service for startups. We are helping hundreds of newcomers launch their affiliate channels and bring quality traffic to their casinos. Many startups succeed in just a few months after launching their affiliate channel, with some of them reaching 370% ROI during the first year.

In this article, we will look at how affiliate marketing and the PartnerMatrix system can unveil new horizons for your startup gambling business with up-to-date tools and services.

Dedicated Account Manager and constant communication

Eve from the first day of launching your affiliate channel, you may (and will) have questions or concerns about affiliate marketing. Our dedicated account manager will join you from day one to help resolve any issues that arise, offering:

  • Assistance in operating the system
  • Consultations on financial and payment systems
  • Help with campaign setup
  • Introduction to the market and affiliate marketing

A dedicated account manager covers numerous tasks, so there’s no need for your company to hire additional specialists.

Introduction to affiliate marketing and market rules

Without knowing the rules and the market’s most trustworthy representatives, it will take time to adapt your business to a certain niche. But, together with PartnerMatrix, you will create an engaging commission plan for your casino and give consultations on targeting the right affiliates and finding the best ones for your casino:

  1. PartnerMatrix will share ideas about the best affiliates and make a consultation on all the possible ways to find the best affiliates for your casino.
  2. On our website, you will find a constantly updating list of the recommended partners in affiliate marketing.
  3. We also periodically publish articles and reviews covering the top trustable partners in affiliate marketing both for B2B and B2C markets.

(!) Networking is the key to faster results! With a list of trustworthy partners and an introduction to the general market rules, you will easily navigate further to find the best partners to bring the most relevant traffic to your platform.

Full affiliate website, FE/BE hosted by PartnerMatrix

In order to showcase your offer in a more attractive way, our specialists, together with your team, will create a complete affiliate partner website:

Front-end: our team will create a user-friendly interface for the site including all the necessary design elements and sections.

Back-end: our developers will design a convenient affiliate site, taking into account SEO, site speed, and convenient functionality.

(!) Over the past seven years, our team has created hundreds of websites for various international brands. In this material, you will find some examples and ideas on creating the best affiliate partner website.

Integrated payments: 10 most popular in the market

Another critical feature required when running a successful affiliate channel is its payment system. In different countries, it can vary depending on the political situation, geographical aspects, cultural preferences, etc. And different locations may require specific payments. In the market, other affiliate software providers may charge a separate fee for adding payment systems. PartnerMatrix ensures the 10 most common payment systems are already integrated into the system for free.

(!) To learn more, check our article on payment systems in affiliate marketing, to create the most transparent and reliable payment infrastructure for your business.

Reasonable price for startups

As we all know, you have to pay for quality. And it is unlikely that our customers would be receiving such high-quality and fast service for free. However, especially when it comes to startups, we have very convenient benefits and a flexible payment system.

(!) We have developed the most balanced pricing strategy, allowing our startup operators to take advantage of all the PartnerMatrix benefits while equipping their platform with the best affiliate software system in the market.

So, why exactly do startups choose PartnerMatrix? The answer lies in the versatility of the PartnerMatrix system that aims to fulfil all modern affiliate marketing needs while keeping the highest possible quality. An individual approach is another big advantage for those who are looking to adapt their business to the affiliate industry.

If you’re interested in the PartnerMatrix affiliate software, have questions, or would like to book a live demo presentation, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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