FortuneJack case study: 370% ROI during the first year of launching into affiliate marketing

Where does FortuneJack come from?

FortuneJack Casino is an innovative Bitcoin casino founded in 2014, delivering over 1,400 games from several game providers like iSOFTBET, Endorphina or Evolution Gaming.

Since February 2019, FortuneJack has launched into the sports and esports betting vertical, providing a competitive iGaming offer across several regions.

Noticing the dynamic growth of affiliate marketing in the past years, the FortuneJack team decided to activate this new channel with the PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing solution. It did not take long for the results to be seen.

How FortuneJack benefited from the partnership with PartnerMatrix

In 2017, in the time span of just a few weeks, PartnerMatrix set up and launched Fortune Jack’s affiliate program. Below are their results in the first year of using the new affiliate channel.

Customised affiliate marketing solutions

Our PartnerMatrix team pinpointed the two main challenges the brand needed to tackle and provided solutions that allowed FortuneJack to quickly adapt to the affiliate market in several regions.

Challenge 1: Adapting the software to the affiliates

Typically, affiliate platforms offer a limited package, with options to develop a narrow range of custom features at an additional cost. This is sufficient for most operators; however, Fortune Jack’s complex business model required more flexible options.

After consolidating their affiliate marketing, FortuneJack needed to consider each affiliate’s needs, especially those that were bringing in higher quality traffic, such as BitcoinPlay, DonkeyDonk, or BtcKingSaff.

Solution: Using the flexible solution offered by PartnerMatrix, FortuneJack implemented three main deal types. This allowed them to meet the affiliates’ needs in a better-targeted manner, to increase their motivation to bring in higher quality traffic. The models FortuneJack uses with its affiliates are CPA, revenue share and hybrid deals. Moreover, PartnerMatrix offered them individual settings for their top affiliates, to enhance the overall results with an individual approach.

Total number of affiliates that joined the program since its beginning

Challenge 2: Creating a multi-brand system

To categorise players, FortuneJack came up with the idea of creating multiple brands. This strategy is similar to that used by land-based casinos, where players are segmented into categories such as high, mid, and low rollers.

For each player category, the operator created separate brands, with the benefit of simplifying player management.

The blocker for this was that most available affiliate solutions couldn’t handle multiple brands within one platform.

Solution: PartnerMatrix tackled this challenge for FortuneJack by offering an all-in-one platform to handle all the brands in one place.

The PartnerMatrix back-end allows operators to view performance reports, create marketing materials, and assign different commission plans for each brand. Moreover, the intuitive interface of PartnerMatrix allows a clear brand differentiation, avoiding any confusion.

Implementing API-based real-time tracking of the affiliates

FortuneJack was one of the first companies to leverage our real-time data API feature, which allowed them to get instant statistics on traffic and activities and quickly react based on those.

Their proficient implementation of the API gave them access to vast affiliate information that proved very useful in improving traffic quality and blocking fraud attempts.

Partner Matrix’s API-based solution provides transparent and instant data both for operators and affiliates, helps build trustworthy relationships, discourages possible frauds, and improves day-to-day operations.

Learn more about the PartnerMatrix real-time statistics delivered via an API solution here.


Our partnership with PartnerMatrix allowed us to reach new heights when it comes to operational optimisations and thorough planning for all parties involved. Engaging with our affiliate network has become a simple, automated and highly lucrative endeavour which enabled us to swiftly reap the rewards.

Boris Kiknadze, FortuneJack CEO

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