How to create the best casino affiliate program with PartnerMatrix

In this article, we won’t talk much about the importance of affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry. Instead, we will focus on a more interesting topic: creating an astonishing affiliate program that will engage top affiliates and motivate them to start a partnership with your casino asap.

There are many ways to find the right affiliates for your casino, but it all boils down to two options: – reaching them out or making them reach out to you. Especially for the second option, you must have a decent landing page showcasing your tempting offer. Your offer should include the commission models you are open to working with, payment methods, and detailed information to help the right affiliates find you.

In this article, we’ll go through the details of developing your affiliate program, creating the best affiliate offer, and reaching the best audience.

What are affiliate programs and affiliate offers in the casino market?

When casinos launch their affiliate program, they can generate special promotional links, aka btag links. Your affiliate managers give these links to affiliates. Affiliates on their side promote casinos and generate traffic to your website through that link. These btag links let both sides have full control over all the activities of players engaged by affiliates. Simple as that. And only when a player engaged by a certain affiliate spends money do affiliates receive a negotiated commission.

In order to engage the most relevant affiliates, you should create an affiliate offer, taking into consideration the following:

  1. Know your affiliates beforehand; are they bloggers, review websites, streamers, etc.
  2. Create a clear offer, including the commission models you use, benefits, a questionnaire, and feedback possibilities.
  3. Provide marketing tools to help them generate needed links, banners, or even videos.
  4. Ensure transparency – perhaps the most important key in modern affiliate marketing. Show your willingness to be transparent in reports, user traffic control, and business.

The last point can mostly be covered by decent affiliate software. By choosing the right software, you’re enabling your business to have better opportunities in affiliate marketing.

Why is affiliate software so important?

Those who have been in the market for a while know the importance of proper software. Having the best affiliate software will give you options to promote your affiliate channel and better control over your operations. But what are the main points to consider when choosing software?

Here are a few important aspects of decent software you will need to maintain a modern affiliate channel:

  1. Advanced Marketing Tools will allow your affiliates to use different marketing approaches, banners, videos, special sized images, promo codes, etc.
  2. Real-time Updates – receiving metrics in real-time allows for instant actions and program improvements on the spot.
  3. Automated/Manual Payments – this option will make your life easier, and depending on the affiliates, you may be able to negotiate automatic payouts.
  4. Dedicated Account Management – although affiliate marketing is pretty simple, having an account manager will get you miles ahead of your competition.

Affiliate software is actually a very complex mechanism that should include all the necessary tools and capabilities: S2S, Dynamic IDs, Multi-level User Access, Rewarding system, etc.

How to create the best affiliate program website/landing page with your offer?

Now, let’s focus on your offer: how it should look like, what information needs to be put on the landing page or offer presentation, and how to engage the best affiliates with the right information. Well, first of all, you must ensure that your program, in addition to technical and financial proposals, is distinguished by a good design and representative messaging. Here are some examples of good affiliate offers:

Your Main Message: Straight to the point

One of our clients, FortuneJack, engages the affiliates with a big commission percentage as their main message. You can directly offer amazing deals to your affiliates with the main message.

Your Commission Deals: Be Clear

What deal types did you prepare for your affiliates? Is it CPA or Revenue Share model? Perhaps you are open to working with all the popular commission models? Check our in-depth review about commission types in iGaming affiliate marketing so you can create commissions just like TotoGaming.

Benefits: Show The Advantages You Provide

What makes you stand out in the variety of casinos out there? Is it your popular and rich selection of games? Or the most flexible deal types? Perhaps, you support all the payment methods at once? Don’t be shy about mentioning all these in your offer page/document, just like FortuneJack.

Testimonials: Let others review your content

Human nature is such that we need confirmation from others in order to make a decision. Ask your affiliate partners to write some testimonials to show your professionalism. Below, you will find an example of testimonials done right, featuring RioBet.

Quick Feedback

Another important detail is the possibility of quick feedback. Give your affiliates the opportunity to reach out to you in any convenient way – be it website feedback, an email, or Social Media. It is important always to respond quickly and provide answers to all partners’ questions as soon as possible. Check out this example of a Contact us section, featuring Winmasters.

(!) Successful affiliate marketing is made up of many factors, and a well-crafted offer is the first thing an affiliate sees. Only an appealing offer will convince an affiliate to get in touch and start a fruitful cooperation. Therefore, every detail in the preparation of your proposal must be verified and cleared out.

About PartnerMatrix affiliate management software

PartnerMatrix is constantly striving to fulfil the needs of all our iGaming clients, providing a fully-fledged affiliate system that meets all the modern industry requirements. We help startups and casinos enter the affiliate industry using the most powerful tools, features, and techniques.

If you are not happy with your current system, know that we offer very attractive conditions for switching to a better affiliate software solution. We ensure seamless migration and integration, allowing your business to expand to a whole new level:

Advanced Marketing Tools

A full range of tools and in-bound plugins (many of which are first of their kind) to target and engage different groups of players around the world.

Dedicated Account Management

Free and unlimited Account Management support, including 24/7 incident resolutions.

Real-time Updates

Trace players brought by affiliates in real-time, learn their behaviour and increase conversion rates through API-driven instant statistics.

Automated or Manual Payments

180+ payment options, 100+ countries, 150+ currencies, risk management, and KYC verification solutions.

Anti-fraud System

An algorithm that helps detect malicious traffic, scammers, or any suspicious activity.

Reach out to us for more information on the PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing solution or schedule a live demo presentation!

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