Artyom Matevosyan: Everything you should know about payments in casino Affiliate Marketing

If you read numerous discussions in affiliate-related threads, it will become obvious that payments are one of the most sensitive topics. The most common complaints concern operators not paying on time or not supporting specific payment methods. On the other hand, casinos tend to see fraud and suspicious traffic in everything and suspend the payment.

As an affiliate software provider, we at PartnerMatrix also get numerous inquiries about payment system setups and individual solutions of some operators.

To avoid common obstacles and challenges, I’ve decided to put together a list of the most important things one should know before setting up casino affiliate payments.

Popular payment methods in casino affiliate marketing

In different countries, payment methods may vary depending on the political situation, geographical aspects, and cultural preferences, and there is no one-size-fits-all in affiliate marketing.

Nonetheless, there is a set of rules that is more or less acceptable to everyone. Firstly, affiliates are already used to working with specific payment systems, and if you have these payments integrated, all affiliates will be satisfied.

Here is a list of the most popular payment systems in affiliate marketing:

  1. Skrill
  2. Neteller
  3. CryptoPay
  4. Ecopayz
  5. Paypal
  6. Qiwi (mainly for the CIS market)
  7. Yandex Money
  8. Casino Balance
  9. Bank transfer

Although bank/wire transfer is not one of the most popular payment methods due to high commissions, I have included it in the list because, in some cases, a quick and transparent wire transfer can save the situation.

(!) When choosing an affiliate software for your gaming platform, you need to ensure the payment systems are already included in the toolkit. Fortunately, we at PartnerMatrtix have taken care of this, and when you receive the software, you will get the ten most common payment systems already integrated into the affiliate system for free.

How to set up your payment system

Setting up your payments is convenient for everyone because it will help your affiliates quickly transfer money and thus be motivated to attract even more clients to your gaming platform.

There are two types of payments that the operator can offer to affiliates:

1) Automatic payment – you make an agreement with an affiliate, and the commissions are automatically transferred to the affiliate’s wallet once per month.

2) Individual payment – you set different individual payment models with an affiliate: when a certain limit is reached, or several times a month, or you use several payment systems.

The possibilities of the second point are unlimited and depend on personal agreements with the affiliate. To better understand your affiliates, and start estimating your spending correctly, you should not forget about segmentation methods and tools – they are necessary for large affiliate flows.

How much do affiliates get paid?

Another frequently asked question is: How much should I pay my affiliates? There is no certain answer to this question because it depends on the region, niche, and game rules you will face. For example, affiliates in the UK market receive up to $10-100K monthly and more, while startup affiliates will still bring quality traffic while asking for fewer commissions.

The main and most common affiliate income is the commission they receive for attracting clients.

These are the types of commissions that are common in the gaming industry:

The CPA-based model – the most common commission – when the casino sets a cost per acquisition. In other words, an affiliate receives a percentage for any of the client’s actions. It can be a percentage of the first deposit, a stipulated amount for registration, or a percentage of the first thousand euros spent.

The First-time depositor model resembles the CPA model, but since it is very popular in the gambling industry, it is considered a separate one. Casinos pay the agreed commission out of the player’s first deposit.

The Revenue Share is one of the favorite models of affiliates because they receive a lifetime interest from the referred player – they will get back the same amount they spend. Hybrid models imply a mix of all of the above, depending on the situation.

To learn more about commission models in iGaming, and how to decide what fits your platform the most, read this short introduction to commission plans.

PartnerMatrix affiliate system

At PartnerMatrix, we are striving to fulfil the needs of all our iGaming clients, providing a fully-fledged affiliate system that meets all the modern industry requirements. We help startups and casinos enter the affiliate industry using the most powerful tools, features, and techniques.

If you are not happy with your current system, know that we offer very attractive conditions for switching to a better affiliate software solution. We ensure seamless migration and integration, allowing your business to expand to a whole new level:

Advanced Marketing Tools

A full range of tools and in-bound plugins (many of which are first of their kind) to target and engage different groups of players around the world.

Dedicated Account Management

Free and unlimited Account Management support, including 24/7 incident resolutions.

Real-time Updates

Trace players brought by affiliates in real-time, learn their behavior and increase conversion rates through API-driven instant statistics.

Automated or Manual Payments

180+ payment options, 100+ countries, 150+ currencies, risk management, and KYC verification solutions.

Anti-fraud System

An algorithm that helps detect malicious traffic, scammers, or any suspicious activity.

Reach out to us for more information on the PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing solution or schedule a live demo presentation!


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