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Complete Affiliate Marketing and Agent Management System

PartnerMatrix is the complete Affiliate/Agent management system with real-time statistics that helps you create, manage, track and analyze your own programs. PartnerMatrix is fully adaptable for different markets and regions.

PartnerMatrix - Complete Affiliate Marketing and Agent Management System

What does PartnerMatrix offer

PartnerMatrix will impress your affiliates with unique features while helping you monitor all your products and brands under one customized system.

  • Merge or split affiliate and agent systems: The first platform that enables operators to run Affiliate System with Agent functionality, and Agent System with Affiliate functionality. No need to use separate programs or systems.
  • Flexible commission structure: The key to any successful Affiliate/Agent program is a competitive reward plan. PartnerMatrix offers a complete and flexible solution which allows you to set different commission plans for each of your affiliates/agents.
  • Comprehensive tracking and statistics: Manage and track all your promotional materials and commissions in one place! PartnerMatrix provides advanced tracking which ensures maximum reliability.
  • Advanced reporting: Moving fast is the first step to success. PartnerMatrix offers multiple comprehensive reports, giving you the power to track effectively the performance of your Affiliate/Agent network.
  • Multilevel sub-affiliate referral tracking: On the sub-affiliate panel, affiliates can track the registrations, earnings and the overall commission of their sub-affiliates.
  • Fast to implement & easy to customize: Simple to implement and supplied with continuous upgrades the system is fully adaptable for different markets & regions.
  • Responsive & user friendly interface: Easy to understand interface enable users to use the various features within minutes. The responsive website design on top makes it even easier for affiliates to get the information they are looking for on any device.
  • Internal/external mailing systems: Send out newsletters or messages to your A/A in bulk or designated group.
  • Multi brand platform: Manage and control more than one brand or product data from a single back office interface. With our multi-brand tracking you can monitor multiple affiliate registrations and view separate data for each.

Need any help

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