Affiliate Marketing & Agent Management System

Affiliate Management System

PartnerMatrix is the complete Affiliate/Agent Management System with real-time statistics that helps you create, manage, track and analyze your own programs. With our flexible platform attracting online and offline traffic is now easier than ever.

It is the first platform that enables operators to run Affiliate System with Agent functionality and Agent System with Affiliate functionality. No need to use separate programs or systems.

Simple to implement and supplied with continuous upgrades, the system is fully adaptable for different markets and regions.

Why use PartnerMatrix?

PartnerMatrix provides unified platform for operators with an organic way to discover unique products and services from reliable partner. The fastest way to earn money from traffic, PartnerMatrix top priority is making sure our software solutions are user-friendly and intuitive. With free upgrades rolled-out to all customers, our cost-effective solution helps you achieve maximum ROI from your affiliate program.

Total control in one customizable platform

From landing pages to setting up permissions, languages, payment methods or accessing every small detail, changes can be implemented without disrupting your business flow. Our affiliate software can be fully re-branded and customized according to your preferences.

Flexible commission models

Use multiple commission types to create the perfect structure for your program with unlimited tiers and the ability to customize plans for individuals or sub-affiliates.

Powerful real-time data

Moving fast is the first step to success. PartnerMatrix offers multiple comprehensive real-time reports, giving you the power to track effectively the performance of your affiliate efforts.

Multi-level admin Accesses with different security levels

We offer multi-level access through separate interfaces for administrators that are customizable depending on security roles. Administrators, affiliate managers, accountants and support users can be given access to the entire platform or specific sections and functions.

Automated or Manual payments

PartnerMatrix offers a scalable platform that provides the freedom to choose desired payment methods, as well as guaranteed commission payouts on time and in any currency. Pay Affiliates via a variety of standard payment options with manual or automated payment processing. PartnerMatrix unique integration with MoneyMatrix offers affiliates to withdraw their commissions directly from the PartnerMatrix system interface.

Modern Integration Options

Partner Matrix API integration offers flexible integration methods and can be fully integrated with all our products as well as other third-party or in-house platform apps.

Internal/external mailing systems

Send out newsletters or messages to your affiliates in bulk or designated group. From an initial welcome message, activation email, password reset, newsletters, monthly stats report and many more, the platform automatically communicates with affiliates.

Client service

PartnerMatrix collaborates with multiple gaming businesses from all verticals and we believe in extraordinary service and partnership.

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