Agent Management Software System for iGaming

PartnerMatrix Agent Management System gives casino and sportsbook operators the ability to widen their customer base by using agent networks to acquire offline players.

Create and manage you agent network with ease

PartnerMatrix’s agent system enables bookmakers and casino operators to create agent networks worldwide. The agent management system allows multi-level structures of agents and can be tweaked according to the operators’ needs.

Transparency over incoming players and bets

Operators withhold control over the incoming bets while managing the network by employing real-time risk data and set varying levels of tiers for agents. Define agents who can only recruit players or set higher tiers for agents who recruit both players and new agents.

PartnerMatrix Agent System Highlights

  • Multi-level structure of sub-agents
  • Ability for all agents to keep their own players
  • Bet on behalf of players
  • Transfer credit and money to players and sub-agents
  • Customizable set of permissions for each agent tier
  • Real-time risk data and transparent betting data
  • Sportsbook iframe integration
  • Multiple products and merchants support
  • Print betting slip
  • Access on desktop, mobile or tablet devices
  • Web API integration for 3rd parties
PartnerMatrix Agent System Highlights

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