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NexGen platform that encompasses all of your payment and risk management needs through a single integration, connecting you to the world.

What does MoneyMatrix offer

Our company has a single objective, 'To Make Payment Processing Simple' and our solution is designed to do exactly that. A single contract and integration provides access to over 150+ payment solutions which include cards, e-wallets, virtual vouchers and banking.

Whatever are your requirements, our partnerships with some of the largest international solution providers are sure to provide you with the portfolio you need to get your business online.

EU Licenced & Regulated Financial Institution
PCI DSS Compliant
  • Payment Processing Integrations with 40+ payment vendors offering over 150+ international payment solutions, with new products continually being added.
  • Risk Management Fraud and KYC management software utilising best of breed technologies to help you mitigate your risk and Know Your Customer.
  • Customisable Interface Design your cashier to support your business without the PCI overhead. Flexible, modular, responsive design supporting multi-channel processing.
  • Integrated Back office Proprietary tools offer a holistic view of your processing portfolio whilst offering full control of all risk and payment processing data across all solutions.
  • Rule Engine Create and change rules on your own by drag and drop. Publish rules in real-time without the need for development or downtime.
  • Real-time Transactional Management Combining customer and transactional data to supply real-time insights into the transactional activities and allow a faster decision making process into accepting or rejecting transactions. Create your own unique work space(s) for you or share them with your colleagues to expedite review and processing of transactions efficiently and effectively.
  • Management Dashboard Create your own dashboard from a library of widgets providing a visualization of your processing portfolio in easy to interpret snapshots for pro-active processing management.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Our tokenization module securely captures sensitive card data, tokenizes card numbers and stores them securely in a PCI Compliant Vault, thereby significantly reducing your PCI DSS compliance requirements.

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