Platform Features

MoneyMatrix streamlines processing while reducing the need for manual intervention and customer friction. Transaction Monitoring Application, Rules Engine, and Workspaces create a work management process flow, allowing you to accept and process payments efficiently.

Configuration Management

Our merchant configuration application is simple and easy-to-use. Vendors, currencies and countries are easily configurable from our back-office administration applications.

PCI DSS Compliance

We securely capture card details, tokenize and store them in a fully PCI compliant manner. Card Data Environment (CDE) allows merchants to check card details as well as block/unblock them.

Payment Routing

MoneyMatrix offers the capability to choose which provider to use and multiple options. Design how, when, why, and to where you would like a transaction processed.

Rules Simulator

Not sure of the impact of your rule on your processing? Simulate it. We built our simulator for you to test your processing rules and conditions before publishing them.

Management dashboard

Management dashboard comprising of customizable widgets allows you to create a real-time view of your processing portfolio to make data-driven decision to optimize the conversion results.

Management dashboard

Transaction monitoring application

  • Real-Time Transactional Monitoring
  • Holistic customer view for quicker decision making
  • Risk Management and KYC Data available real-time
  • Configurable Workspaces for better operational management
  • Vendor Error Messages showing why transactions are failing
  • Process, Block, Refund or Flag for review
  • Permission-based Access Rights for greater security
Transaction monitoring application

Real-time customizable reporting

MoneyMatrix is committed to supporting clients by utilizing modern tools and extensive industry knowledge. Our clients benefit from our unconditional support, and our mission is to enable them to make fast and smart business decisions through organized data and savvy reporting. Build your own Custom Reports with the click of a button.

Real-time customizable reporting

Integrations Accelerator API

The Integrations Accelerator API gives Payment Providers open access to our Generic API, allowing them to integrate directly to our payment gateway with minimum involvement from our side.

  • Take control of payment integrations
  • Open access to Generic API
  • Works for any alternative payment method
  • Short integration time
  • Stage environment testing available
Integrations Accelerator API

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With MoneyMatrix, you get access to a user-friendly payment gateway platform with local and international payment partners, rule and role-based risk management, AML/KYC information, transaction and player history, and a full suite of various Back Office applications to help manage your payments in a commercialized, secure, and compliant manner. Reach out today to request a demo.

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