Platform Features

GamMatrix combines player account and wallet management, fraud detection and prevention tools, responsible gaming features, in-depth reporting to create a highly flexible and compliant iGaming platform.

Efficient operations

Our core platform offers end-to-end customer experience management to support your day-to-day operations and business intelligence via real-time reporting, segmentation, and API solutions.

Total control

The platform provides complete transparency so you can track system or users’ actions on player records. You can fully control access levels to back-office applications for your team via the Unified Access Control and configurations tools.

Fully compliant

GamMatrix handles responsible gambling rules from multiple EU jurisdictions: reality checks, self-exclusions, time-outs, various gambling limits (deposit, loss, wagering, max stake) and more.

Launch your brand quickly

Our clients have the freedom to use our responsive template-based solution or completely design and customize the front-end via APIs. Furthermore, our experienced partners offer design and implementation bundles for you.

Single and seamless wallet across all gaming and payment vendors

  • A comprehensive transaction system based on accounting and financial principles
  • Tracking of real cash wallet and bonus wallet independently with transactions showing clearly the interactions between the two wallets
  • Possibility to correct wallet amounts manually for supporting the reconciliation process with the vendors or for confiscating funds upon proof-based abuse
  • API support available for integration with wallets from other platforms using either single/seamless wallet approach or multiple wallet approach with transfer transactions in between
Single and seamless wallet across all gaming and payment vendors

Role Management with batch assignment of roles supported

  • Segment players using your own defined roles
  • Roles can be set to expire at a certain date when assigned to players
  • Create bonus programs, limit transactions rules and custom reports based on your own defined roles
  • Customize your KYC process using roles
Role Management with batch assignment of roles supported

Fraud detection and prevention tools

Via Iovation integration, GamMatrix offers top fraud prevention and multi-factor authentication that help you protect against fraudulent activity.

  • Credit Card fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Account Takeover
  • License protection
  • Bonus abuser’s identification
  • Affiliate abusers
Fraud detection and prevention tools

Powerful in-depth reporting to allow a consistent view of your business

GamMatrix’s reporting solution provides clear and simple reports that show aggregated data as well as very detailed drill-downs. Export your reports in various formats or conveniently schedule reports to be sent via email.

  • Cross product reports
  • Bonus performance reports
  • Player segmentation, player activity and player balances reports
  • Responsible gambling reports for self-exclusion players and player gambling limits
  • Jurisdiction-specific reports
  • Track movements within your Security Deposit Account (SDA)
  • Track transactions from a financial and accounting perspective
  • Integrated with PartnerMatrix and other 3rd party affiliate system for passing registration and activity data used by the affiliate system for the commission calculations
  • Integrated with a license specific mechanism so that authorities can retrieve and control relevant activity data
Powerful in-depth reporting to allow a consistent view of your business

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