Fully-managed Casino Platform Solution

We provide a fully-managed and robust online casino platform solution tailored to our clients’ needs. This time-tested casino platform was specifically designed to give operators full control over their operations.

Bespoke API powered front-end

CasinoEngine caters for personalised and localised casino experiences, with the goal of providing the context and technology for operators to unlock their own creativity.

Powerful productivity tools

You can now do more to drive even more revenue: get the KPIs that matters in one place, manage game assets and build lobbies to reach desired audience with little efforts.

In-depth real-time reporting

Multiple dimensions for ample reporting output and real-time visibility to make better decisions. Drill down to see gaming activity at game round or transaction level.

Bonus and gamification

Offered via BonusEngine, the bonus system is a stand-alone product-neutral bonusing solution to help operators boost player acquisition and retention.

API Powered Front-end Development

The design and functionality of the casino front-end is key to success and profitability. This is not only about usability but also about retention, personalization and promoting the most profitable content.

Operators are free to build their websites using any technology or use our responsive mobile-first web application. Operators using our API technologies with GamMatrix, get access to a wide range of properties and assets, which are editable in the back-office.

API Powered Front-end Development

Through its APIs, CasinoEngine provides seamless customer experience and acts as a facilitator for innovation and differentiation.

Aggregated over several vendors, including Evolution and NetEnt, the Live Tables API allows operators to display real-time in-game statistics, table availability, game features on live tables for extending gameplay and player stickiness.

Maximize revenue in real-time with Live Casino Lobby API

CasinoEngine’s UI communication framework allows operators to take full control over the gameplay window on both desktop and mobile displays. This allows for real-time notifications in the gameplay windows, whether they are responsible-gaming related (reaching time and money limit or mandatory breaks) or maintenance windows.

Furthermore, CasinoEngine controls additional buttons on top of the gameplay window, for instance, quick deposit and cashier functions, gameplay information, gamification features, and more.

Take control of the gameplay window

For operators looking for a quick way to improve their website personalization capabilities, we have built the Game Recommendation Engine.

Based on advanced algorithms, the engine provides automated ways to make compelling game recommendations to players according to their preferences.

Make compelling game recommendations

Full Featured Back-Office

CasinoEngine is a powerful casino platform built for the way casino managers should work today. Configure, activate, and capture your data to get valuable insights and have an instant view of your casino performance.

The back-office allows operators to consolidate business data, manage games and lobbies, customize games presentation details, and get the KPIs that matters in one place.

Full Featured Back-Office
  • Help you make better decisions, faster
  • Provide various customizable widgets from our growing library
  • Pick, customize and organize the widgets for your dashboard
  • Include KPIs and graphs with ease: Payouts, New Players, All Players, Rounds & GGR, Turnover & GGR, Retention and more
  • New widgets are added on ongoing bases
  • On request, we provide custom made widgets and enhancements to the existing library
Management dashboards
  • Central tool for easy casino gaming management, both on web and mobile
  • Manage game assets, bonus contribution, game description, categories, tags, bet limits, reporting-invoicing categories per game
  • Offers maintenance windows management for vendors
  • Ability to mark content as recent additions for labelling in the front-end
  • Assisting in making sure that correct games are launched per jurisdiction (via License Types)
Game management
  • Fully manage what each player will be presented within the front-end
  • Create any number of lobby instances for different demographic categories
  • Tailor categories and game order for specific markets or segments of players
  • Build web and mobile lobbies for RNG games, live dealer tables, VIP
  • Change the order of the games in a way that suits your strategy best
Lobby management
  • 60+ Input conditions and filters that can be activated and defined
  • 60+ Output data fields that can be enabled or disabled
  • Reports can be sorted by any column header and can be exported
  • On request, we provide custom made reports or enhancements to the existing reporting
In-depth product reporting

CasinoEngine offers transaction monitoring tools allowing support personnel to monitor transactions in real-time. By combining this information with an analysis of customers’ historical and account information, the platform provides a “whole picture” analysis of a customer’s activity.

  • Monitor and filter on transactions
  • Handles big data volumes in real-time
  • Easily see game replays
Transaction monitoring and game replays

Multiple API integrations

To increase variation, personalisation and gamification across different markets, our CasinoEngine APIs offer the easiest way in the entire industry for you to build and control your own front-end and have complete freedom without the restrictions imposed by a platform provider.

  • Wallet Integration API
  • JSON feeds for games, lobby management, tags
  • Data streaming
  • Analytical API, for open games, turnover and more
  • Game round details API
  • Game Recommendation Engine API
  • Unified FREE Spins API
  • LIVE Tables Lobby API
Multiple API integrations

Get unlimited rewards for your players
with BonusEngine

BonusEngine provides a wide range of bonus types and features to CasinoEngine and your players can enjoy unlimited bonuses at the same time, with no gameplay interruption.

Design the most attractive bonus campaigns to raise engagement levels on your casino without any gameplay latency. Extend player sessions, increase reactivation, boost retention, and reduce bonus costs.

Through a rich set of configurations, you can fully control which players to target, when to target, and exactly what bets are covered, and their contribution, by any bonus while strictly and swiftly managing and reporting on your cost.

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Get unlimited rewards for your players<br> with BonusEngine

Enrich player experience with fully
customizable jackpots from JackpotEngine

JackpotEngine is a gamification solution that allows operators to create their own jackpots for any selection of games across any casino studio.

Create unlimited jackpots with fully configurable properties as a value-adding acquisition and retention tool.  JackpotEngine is ever-evolving and has a roadmap brimful of jackpot innovation.

JackpotEngine offers full control of configuration possibilities via centralized management with real-time monitoring and reporting of jackpot transactions.

Enrich player experience with fully <br>customizable jackpots from JackpotEngine

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