The importance of a Jackpot Gamification Solution

Personalisation and gamification are the driving forces behind engagement and retention in today’s consumer landscape.

Gamification is one of the 10 key trends underlined in the Euromonitor Global Consumer Trends 2023 report. A 5% increase in customer retention can translate into 25% higher profits (Harvard Business Review). Over 71% of consumers expect brands to deliver personalised interactions (McKinsey & Company).

Why Should You Use a Jackpot Gamification Solution?

With JackpotEngine, you can improve your acquisition, retention, player lifetime value, and much more.

We have the numbers to prove its effectiveness as well. By comparing game session metrics from two like-for-like EveryMatrix customers and examining games before and after they were assigned to a JackpotEngine-powered jackpot, we noticed increases in the average bet amount, rounds per session, and game session length.

Boost Player Engagement and Retention

JackpotEngine is the complete jackpot management system designed to add an additional layer of excitement on top of players’ bets and wins on casino games. It provides a game on top of the game, which perfectly summarises what gamification is all about.

Access Insights and Adjust for Maximum Results

JackpotEngine allows you to access insights on your previous jackpots and adjust them for maximum results. Use available statistics to predict when a jackpot is likely to drop to better plan campaigns and budgets.

Out-of-Game Jackpots vs. In-Game Jackpots

JackpotEngine’s out-of-game jackpots are based on casino game bets and are isolated from any game and its math. No matter the outcome of a player’s gameplay, they can still win with JackpotEngine. The Jackpot’s funding can come from players, operator, or a mix between the two.

Gain Complete Control over Jackpots

JackpotEngine allows you to create, configure and control jackpots for any selection of games across any casino vertical and player segment, with complete control over all aspects of jackpot behaviour.

Customise Your Jackpot Widget

Jackpots are presented to the player via a ready-made, responsive in-game widget displaying jackpot pools, updated in real-time. The widget is customised to suit your brand.

Set the Basics for Your Jackpots

With JackpotEngine, you can create any number of jackpots and map up to four simultaneously for one, multiple, or all games, creating more chances to win and catering to a wide variety of player preferences.

  • Set progressive or fixed jackpots
  • Name your jackpots
  • Set start and end dates
  • Set hit probability
  • Choose from local or company-level jackpots

Set Jackpots Across Any Player Segment

Configure any number of jackpots for any player segment you can think of or all players. Segment through custom filters, roles, countries, affiliate codes, and group codes, or include all of them.

Set Jackpots for Any Game and Provider

With JackpotEngine, you can add a jackpot layer to any game on any platform and any device.

JackpotEngine adds an additional layer of excitement and value on top of your player’s bets and wins across all iGaming verticals.

With JackpotEngine, you can customise jackpots for:

  • 300+ game studios from around the world
  • 150+ SlotMatrix Exclusive titles, including content from
    in-house Spearhead Studios and Armadillo Studios and
    other studios on our in-house RGS

Why Should You Choose JackpotEngine?

JackpotEngine is the ultimate marketing tool, offering an extraordinary arsenal of exclusive, configurable jackpots unique in the iGaming industry. Through JackpotEngine, you will take jackpot personalisation and gamification to the next level.

  • Company-level Jackpots – help you further differentiate your brand from others
  • Multi-level Jackpots – let you configure how the the contribution amount is distributed to other jackpots
  • Personal Jackpots – offer customised jackpots for each player to create a unique experience
  • Community Jackpots – distribute jackpot wins across multiple players as per prior-set criteria

Download out our JackpotEngine Guide and discover the many ways in which our product will boost your business.

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