Scaling Front-End Development

The most formidable challenge every software development team can face is scalability. Powered by new technologies, EveryMatrix saw front-end applications reach a new level of scale and complexity. For engineering teams stepping into modern front-end development, adopting the right set of practices that act as a roadmap in this journey to scalability is critical.

During our first technical event in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Teodor Coman & Cosmin Rasuceanu will share some of the lessons EveryMatrix has learned over the past years and the process the company managed to develop. While there is no such thing as a silver bullet to solve everything, they will discuss our transition from legacy to modern code, our approach to providing architectural consistency, and what strategies we applied when making decisions about scaling our app.

For companies that deliver excitement to millions of users worldwide, such as EveryMatrix, scalability is a crucial growth factor as it helps with competitiveness, efficiency, quality, and technical flexibility. Furthermore, it allows us to hire and retain a broad spectrum of talent working in distributed or collocated teams.

We take pride in having a friendly and open environment. Our colleagues are caring, empathetic, authentic, and free to be their true selves, which makes every working day unique and exciting. Our employees come for the job and stay for the good times, fantastic team, and excellent work environment.

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