Why switch your Affiliate Platform?

Are you losing traffic because of subpar support from your affiliate provider? Or maybe you can’t keep your affiliates happy with quick payments? It’s time to forget any inconveniences and focus solely on acquiring quality traffic.

Switch to PartnerMatrix for fast payments, unlimited support, real-time reports, and a truly powerful affiliate channel. Join hundreds of top operators reaching the next level of their business with PartnerMatrix.

Is switching
really that easy?

Yes, it only takes four steps to migrate to our powerful affiliate system:
  • 1. Request an offer

    Write us an email and/or schedule a live demo presentation. Together we will explore how PartnerMatrix can create a powerful affiliate channel for your business.

  • 2. Start the migration

    Once we decide what’s needed, leave the rest to our specialists and developers. In three weeks or less, your channel will be powered by a robust affiliate system. Meanwhile, we will provide in-depth training so you can make the most of our tools and features.

  • 3. Set up your program

    We will assist you in setting up payments, regions, multi-brands, creating engaging offers, updating your website, content, and social media channels. We will introduce you to our anti-fraud system and numerous marketing tools.

  • 4. Get it up and running

    After your affiliate channel is up and running, true magic happens. For example, FortuneJack saw a 370% ROI during the first year of our partnership.

Why do you need to
switch to PartnerMatrix?

Since 2015, we have been committed to providing the leading affiliate software system in iGaming. From tier-1 operators to start-ups, customers chose our system due to the full set of tools and flawless support it provides:
  • Advanced Marketing Tools

    A full range of tools and in-bound plugins (many of which are first of their kind) to target and engage different groups of players around the world: segmentation, targeting, and dynamic ads.

  • Dedicated Account Management

    Free and unlimited Account Management support, including 24/7 incident resolutions.

  • Real-time Updates

    Trace players brought by affiliates in real-time, learn their behaviour and increase conversion rates through API-driven instant statistics.

  • S2S, Dynamic IDs

    Our server-2-server solution enables secure, transparent, and fast affiliated marketing channels, providing the latest digital requirements.

  • Automated or Manual Payments

    180+ payment options, 100+ countries, 150+ currencies, risk management and KYC verification solutions.

  • Multi-level User Access

    The different levels of access allow you to secure your system from hacks or information leaks.

  • Anti-fraud System

    An algorithm that helps detect malicious traffic, scammers, or any type of suspicious activity.

  • Reactivation Reward

    A marketing tool for retention, allowing affiliates to reactivate your passive users for an extra commission.

A comparison with
other iGaming affiliate marketing systems

PartnerMatrix enables operators to fully leverage their affiliate marketing channels, providing top tools and features. Compared to traditional systems such as NetRefer, IncomeAccess, or MyAffiliates, PartnerMatrix offers unique tools such as the Reactivation reward and the Anti-fraud system, enabling affiliates to grow relevant traffic while keeping it safe and transparent.

*The data is based on online sources provided by mentioned companies.

  • Real-time data
  • Automated Payments
  • S2S Postback
  • Player Segmentation
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Bulk Media Upload
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Newsletter promotion
  • Reactivation Reward


No. We guarantee no traffic loss during the migration process. The only thing you will notice is how transparent the user flows and daily reports become after the migration.

No. The only thing they might notice is how fast and easy it is now to operate, get payments, trace data and promote your offers. With PartnerMatrix, you will get an intuitive dashboard that can be customised to any of your business and brand requirements.

First of all, we use an anti-fraud system that automatically finds and suspends any fraudulent activity. This is a unique iGaming tool that prevents scams, bots, suspicious traffic and keeps your platform and your affiliates safe. Also, we provide API-driven live statistics that help you to control data and traffic in real-time.

So smooth that affiliates can even keep using old links and the registrations will still be tracked. Our integration manager will guide you and your team through every step of the migration process. Our in-bulk media upload option enables you to simultaneously upload all existing banners to PartnerMatrix.

Yes. You can pay your affiliates using 80+ payment options in 100+ countries, with 150+ currencies including crypto. The PartnerMatrix system covers risk management and KYC verification solutions that are essential in creating a safe and trustable affiliate channel.

Yes, PartnerMatrix allows customising reports, media, content, and more per each brand. You can start with one brand and add the others as you go or import them in bulk from the start.

Yes, our clients can get all data in real-time through API integrations. This allows affiliates to track their performance at any given moment, eliminating long waiting times to see data changes.

Absolutely! We offer a flexible segmentation tool that comes in handy when creating groups and segmenting players by their geo-location. Furthermore, operators can use the tool to set commission plans for each geo-location, brand, and per each traffic source separately.

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