PartnerMatrix: Record numbers in the first half of 2021

Even if it is one of the youngest and specialized divisions of EveryMatrix, PartnerMatrix has once again managed to steal the spotlight in the first half of 2021 by closing a whopping number of 58 deals with top providers and suppliers from various iGaming verticals.

PartnerMatrix has successfully launched 28 new casino and sports betting start-ups on its Affiliate and Agent Management Platform, while migrating 30 more established operators from other traditional affiliate systems.

PartnerMatrix CEO Levon Nikoghosyan attributes this success to the company’s reputation increase and ongoing product development work over the years.

“In the previous years, we successfully improved our software and brought numerous tools to the Affiliate space. We boosted the reactivation of passive players and used live data to enhance operators’ revenues. Currently, we’re preparing an Anti-fraud Intelligence Tool to be released later this year. I’m happy to say that both startups and big operators are now choosing PartnerMatrix as their affiliate software.”

PartnerMatrix provides affiliate solutions to different types of iGaming operators, with its total client count now reaching an impressive number of 200. The provider’s portfolio includes top brands such as, ExclusiveBet, 5elementbet, Sportbet Ecuador, among many others.

Anti-Fraud Intelligence

During the first half of 2021, PartnerMatrix also continued to develop brand-new tools allowing operators to secure and improve all of their affiliate activities. By the end of this year, PartnerMatrix will release its new Anti-Fraud Intelligence module, which provides a secure infrastructure for operators and affiliates, allowing them to trace and prevent any fraudulent activities on the spot.

The tool is now undergoing intensive testing and has shown excellent results in finding and preventing the most common types of fraud. Operators can analyze affiliates and their players’ behaviours range from simple IP checks (players VS affiliate, region VS actual location, IPS match) to more sophisticated processes of revealing attempts of “sure bets”, CPA draining by fake registrations, traffic from unauthorized resources, and other fraud attempts.

More key product developments

During the first half of 2021, PartnerMatrix has performed several updates to its system and modules, consequently optimizing the affiliate-operator collaboration. Here’s a list with the major ones:

1. Advanced Filter Tool development with ranges for fast filtering

2. S2S Postback Admin view in Affiliates system to monitor the Affiliate’s postbacks

3. S2S Postback Log reports allowing to control the status of postbacks in the Affiliate system

4. Credit History report for operators using Credit logic in Agent System

5. Anti-Fraud Intelligence testing phase, successfully detect the fraudulent behaviour of affiliates

6. Traffic Reports allowing to identify the non-affiliate traffic source in the Affiliates system

Referral Program Launch

In April 2021, PartnerMatrix launched a referral program inviting B2B partners, operators, and media companies to recommend the company’s affiliate software for an extra reward.

“We opened the door to the outside world, and it was crucial for us to be as ready as possible. A new client brought by another company is looking for the best service and treatment, and their requirements may vary drastically from each other. We were ready for this and managed to meet the needs of dozens of companies, creating a more trustable and dynamic affiliate infrastructure.”, says Levon Nikoghosyan, CEO of PartnerMatrix.

The PartnerMatrix referral program allows each partner to choose a certain model for the partnership. This flexibility and individual approach in developing commissions has already created a strong base between PartnerMatrix and numerous iGaming companies.

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What’s next

With the iGaming industry’s revenues reaching $59 billion in 2020, more growth opportunities are available than ever. PartnerMatrix is ready for all the new challenges, constantly pushing one step ahead of the curve to offer new solutions and modules to its worldwide base of operators and B2B partners.

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