How real-time data boosts iGaming affiliate marketing

3 Cases of Live Data Boosting Affiliate Marketing

Successful affiliate marketing campaigns are based on targeted actions for maximum results. But the challenge is to know how to aim for your target. Unless you can keep track of who, when and where does what, your only strategy is luck.

The good news is that we love to solve a good challenge, so we’ve brought in API-driven real-time statistics to put you in control of all the data. No need to take our word for it: check out three cases when operators used our live statistics to target and act on maximum value opportunities.

Three cases of live data supporting affiliate marketing

Boosting profitable marketing channels

The story: An operator had a one-time streaming deal with an influencer. Towards the end of the streaming, they noticed a 150-170% increase in the player flow. They decided to extend the streaming for two more hours, which brought in +250% new players.

The takeaway: Changes can happen instantly in every online casino. Tracking sales in real-time made it possible to notice a specific affiliate channel, act fast upon it and increase the profit.

Stopping fraud on the spot

The story: An operator noticed a suspicious trend in the traffic coming from one of its affiliates. Specifically, a user from this affiliate made several low-bid bets followed by one big bet, meaning they wanted either to place a “safe bet”, or to obtain commissions fraudulently. The operator eliminated the suspicious user immediately.

The takeaway: A real-time data feed allows affiliate managers to instantly notice any suspicious affiliate traffic. The risks of unnoticed or covered-up fraudulent activities decrease considerably.

Building trust and transparency

The story: In another instance, an operator was analysing underperforming affiliate channels in real-time. This one channel was getting very low numbers compared to others. At a closer look, the problem proved to be a broken link. Upon openly discussing the issue with the affiliate, things got back on track and both parties involved were very happy with the result.

The takeaway: Live data promotes transparency and trust, allowing both operators and affiliates to act fast on identifying and solving issues. According to our reports, top affiliates also prefer operators who use instant reporting.

Leveraging real-time data with PartnerMatrix


Modern affiliate marketing tools allow you to target the most relevant audiences, control your data flow, create deal types and offers that engage top affiliates, and consequently top players with your platform.

PartnerMatrix introduced its real-time API feature to enable third-party gaming operators to:

  • Gain fast and actionable insights into their affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Take prompt, results-based decisions on whether to continue or discontinue a promotion.
  • Increase data-driven investments in well-performing campaigns.
  • Prevent suspicious activities by eliminating reporting delays.

Along with other essential tools offered by the PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing software, the API-based solution promotes and safeguards transparent partnerships among affiliates and operators. With a solid affiliate marketing strategy that puts to good use the provided tools, our partners reached impressive return on investment rates in as little as under a year.

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