Get more opportunities and players with a twofold affiliate and agent management system

Gambling is all about passion and entertainment, and this appetite for playing online is rising the same throughout the world. Throughout the years, the importance of affiliate marketing has grown to become a vital element of online gaming sites seeking to new visitors and players.

Affiliate marketing in iGaming is since inception one of the most effective forms of player acquisition. However, the gaming content needs to be good enough to attract and retain players who look for promotions, quality and variety. In this direction, operators need to always aim at educating and entertaining new and loyal customers by creating high quality content.

Indeed, affiliate marketing is competitive and operators looking to implement an affiliate program and attract new players need to employ the best tools available. In the present scene of gambling, operators should understand that it’s essential to adopt a platform that is flexible, manageable and easy to integrate into their own technology for fast access to tools for affiliates or agent networks. At the same time, the system needs to be popular and transparent among affiliates to attract affiliates easier.

In this competitive context, operators are directly interested in using an agent and affiliate solution which offers the possibility to attract not only players from the online space, but also from the offline.

More opportunities and players, higher profits

You have probably seen affiliate programs in action and you are familiar with the requirements of building and managing such through the specific advertising tools like banner ads, links and tracking codes, emails or other online listings.

However, the practical aspects of using agents in gaming stands in the possibility to offer these gaming services to a higher number of people. For example, we can take the high number of Asian or non-native players in Europe who can be attracted and retained offline via agents.

Further on, it’s important for people in your network to trust the brands, and receive customized content to help them, especially when addressing new audiences. When targeting new players from online and offline spheres, operators need to have a clear overview of the overall network of agents and affiliates too.

To assist operators who want to access new players and increase income, EveryMatrix provides PartnerMatrix, a complete affiliate & agent management system that helps you create, manage, track and analyze your own programs. Furthermore, PartnerMatrix is fully adaptable for different markets & regions.

PartnerMatrix, a unique Agent & Affiliate Management System

We strongly believe that finding the right balance between high performance and product quality requires team work and common vision. Operators running affiliate and agent systems learn that it’s better to use one system to track everything, instead of separate systems that track the same type of data. This is the foundation on which we built our product. The system has been designed to offer our clients the ability to widen their users’ base by using agent networks to target offline customers.

PartnerMatrix allows affiliates to operate as agents (transfer money to specific players, place a bet in the system, place a bet on behalf of a player) and at the same time the agents can operate as affiliates (use banners to bring traffic, provide promo-codes to customers, keep sub-affiliates).

Using our Agent/Affiliate Management System, operators can assign agents to promote their businesses, while having complete transparency and control over all incoming cash streams. Agents earn commissions based on the income or turnover brought in from their referred players and they are more focused on offline operations.

Whereas affiliates would be typically partnering to find new players using websites, forums, and other online communities, agents find their players through their own local shops, betting kiosk operators, pubs, bars, cafes, and other similar venues. In accordance with the rank, agents have varying levels of control over the Agent System of the operator they promote. Some agents are only able to recruit new players, whereas higher tier agents can recruit new players as well as new agents.

The back-office in PartnerMatrix is highly focused on affiliate manager and administrator comfort. It gives opportunity to reach each angle of the website and manage all the operations. Operators have the freedom to make changes in any section and they can request different roles, pages, reports or data that will be displayed and managed.

The main highlights in our agent & affiliate multi-brand platform include a flexible commission structure for various pricing options, comprehensive tracking / statistics and real-time reporting for operators who look to be always up-to-date with the latest developments, multi-level user access, and finally multiple languages and currencies for easy implementation and localization in various jurisdictions of the world. PartnerMatrix is a transparent solution for affiliates and agents who look for detailed information and each player’s sales data can be seen at transaction level.

PartnerMatrix has been developed as a separate business unit by the Armenian branch resulting into a stand-alone solution that can be implemented worldwide.

Levon Nikoghosyan is the young CEO of PartnerMatrix who together with his experienced team and by working closely with large gaming operators developed the first platform in the world to provide an affiliate & agent system as 3rd party to other gaming platform providers.

PartnerMatrix wasn’t born in a day. We learned from our past experiences and enhanced our product features regularly so that we may always stay ahead of the competition. We are now able to respond to most operators’ requests from various jurisdictions and we are not afraid to innovate.” commented Levon Nikoghosyan, PartnerMatrix CEO.

EveryMatrix is among the few companies in the world to provide through PartnerMatrix a complete affiliate marketing and agent management system as a unified stand-alone solution. It is also the only company to provide a real-time affiliate system with detailed revenue information and agent system as 3rd party.

Whether you are a start-up or a decent sized operator, the platform will meet all operators and affiliates’ needs, while providing the option to easily switch and shift from the affiliate to agent system.

As more gambling businesses use to employ an affiliate platform to control the online growth of their revenues, our affiliate & agent mix can respond to operators’ necessities from all over the world.

For more information on PartnerMatrix, join EveryMatrix between July 11-14 at the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, Stand P18.

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