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This year marks the 15th year of EveryMatrix. From the days of founders Ebbe and Stian, as Ebbe puts it, “two guys with a 10-person team walking around Earl’s Court in London trying to get people to come to a nearby hotel” where they could present the first iterations of the EveryMatrix offering, to setting quarterly and annual records in 2022 and signing some of the biggest deals in the industry, it has been quite a journey.

Much has changed during that period, with technology moving at a lightning pace and global markets regulating and maturing to develop betting and gaming frameworks. Providers such as EveryMatrix have rapidly adapted to new trends to develop robust, innovative products that allow brands to grow and become market leaders.

As Ebbe explains in the video, every business unit goes through highs and lows when things don’t work as planned, but then there comes a turning point when you see the light at the end of the tunnel and things you’ve worked on bear fruit.

At ICE 2023, it is clear how far the business has come since those early deal-making days to today, when EveryMatrix stands tall as a top-tier B2B betting and gaming supplier. The company today has reached 730+ employees across 11 offices from Croatia to China, servicing 200+ clients in 65 countries with a complete range of industry-leading platform and software solutions across every vertical.

And all this without the need for equity investment, loans, or large-scale acquisitions. Instead, EveryMatrix has been built on organic growth, being profitable and continuously re-investing those profits into product development, commercial growth and its employees with more than 85% of the company’s shares held by the founders and present and former staff.

The last financial year was a record for the business, with the company achieving its best 12 months for sales, signing 149 new deals worth more than €25m per year, including 14 turnkey, 18 tier-1, and 7 US contracts. This included two of its largest ever OddsMatrix sports contracts, bet-at-home replacing its legacy platform with EveryMatrix technology, and beating 25 competitors to win the tender for the Hungarian lottery, providing it with an end-to-end suite of advanced digital sports betting software solutions and services for its online brand TippmixPro.

Both contract wins, with bet-at-home going live in February 2023 with a migration of more than 2 million players, have proved that OddsMatrix has deservedly taken its place as a leading tier-1 provider. This, combined with retail integration following the acquisition of LeapBit, will create a complete omnichannel offering and further propel OddsMatrix into the next dimension this year and beyond.

Today, EveryMatrix has become a provider known for servicing top-tier brands, and this is where it wants to solidify its position. “If a provider is not serving tier one, then you don’t have a future, and that is where EveryMatrix is heading right now”, says Ebbe.

He adds: “We don’t need to do better than last year. If we do the same as we did last year, then it will be incredible.”

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