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5 Star had the honour to interview Nikolina Gabelica, Head of Lottery at EveryMatrix, to find out more about the B2B providers lottery offering and the current state of digital lottery.

What are the components to lottery digital transformation for EveryMatrix?

We believe that consumer behaviour is a critical driver in the evolution of digital landscapes. Digitisation has notably streamlined processes, elevating both convenience and efficiency.

Our approach to digital transformation in the lottery sector leverages this understanding through a modular and API-driven product suite that includes Player Account Management (PAM), lottery, casino, sports betting, payments, and affiliate and agent management and data tracking. All our products work seamlessly together across the entire platform.

At the heart of our strategy within lottery is LotteryEngine, which seamlessly connects traditional lottery systems with modern digital interfaces, enhancing user experience with intuitive interfaces.

We enrich the player experience by integrating a wide variety of games, including instant-win scratch games, and e-instants from numerous vendors. This not only diversifies our offerings, but also ensures clients have access to a rich and varied gaming environment. Our library currently has more than 400 e-instant games from 25 vendors and new ones are constantly added.

We also prioritise safer gambling and compliance with regulatory standards, embedding responsible practices and scalable solutions designed for Tier 1 clients, ready to adapt to future market changes and regulatory needs.

How does online player experience differ from playing instant games at a retail point of sale?

Years ago, and still today for some lotteries, the internet was thought of as simply another distribution channel through which products can be sold. Lotteries put their instant products online.

Some changed visuals and added digital features, but they were basically still selling the same product. It was a logical approach, but it was aligned with the misguided presumption there are immutable constraints to the design of an instant game.

Regulatory constraints and past experiences in the marketplace were inhibiting the process of taking full advantage of the potential to reinvent the games within a medium that is so different from the physical world. The internet opened a whole new world of potential, and still represents a fresh new canvass upon which we can create innovative game concepts.

EveryMatrix brings not only a wealth of experience in what works across different markets, but also the flexibility and modularity needed to swiftly adapt to regulatory changes and market demands.

Ultimately, it is our customers who drive innovation; it is their vision that sets the stage for all of us to work together to reinvent the sector. We end up learning as much from them as they do from us, leading to an exciting and interactive player-experience that drives both interactive sales and retail sales.

Will Artificial Intelligence be applied to transform our industry like it is transforming others?

Leveraging the unparalleled impact of AI across various technologies, we foresee opportunity for radical transformation within the online lottery industry. This shift, mirroring evolutions in multiple sectors, positions AI at the forefront, revolutionising game development, customer interaction, and advanced data analytics.

The term ‘transformation’ encapsulates the expected profound alterations in game dynamics, player experiences, and stakeholder value creation, encompassing operators, retailers, and players. This represents not merely an improvement, but a strategic evolution, signifying the emergence of new avenues for growth and innovation.

AI is already transforming our industry. For example, we use AI to enhance player engagement and to manage bonuses effectively. Our BonusGuardian AI technology is designed to prevent bonus abuse by identifying and managing unscrupulous behaviour in real-time. This not only protects our operators financially, but also ensures a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Additionally, we are leveraging AI for targeted marketing campaigns, churn prevention, and personalised game recommendations, all of which enrich the player experience and foster greater loyalty.

We are so excited for EveryMatrix and for the vision that you’re bringing to the online lottery industry.

Thank you for your enthusiasm! We’re equally excited about the opportunities ahead and are committed to transforming the online lottery experience. As a pure B2B provider, we are dedicated to our existing and future World Lottery Association (WLA) customers, integrating innovative technology and user-centric design to ensure that every interaction with our platform is seamless, engaging, and secure.

Our vision is to integrate these innovations with fast, agile, and customer-oriented solutions, free from legacy systems, to set new standards in the ultra-competitive iGaming market. By expanding our offerings and harnessing innovative solutions, we aim to help lotteries return more money to good causes, creating value for our partners and an outstanding experience for players worldwide.

The potential for innovation and flexibility has always been intrinsic to our approach, yet recent challenges have refined these traits further. Post-pandemic, we see consumers becoming more engaged and seeking creative solutions to enhance their lives and fulfil ambitions. This renewed enthusiasm for change, growth, and prosperity ushers in a new phase in lottery gaming, where the collaborative endeavours of all stakeholders promise substantial progress and widespread benefits.

We’re committed to safer gambling, aligned with global industry standards and best practices, focusing on responsible gaming and customer satisfaction. This commitment will enable us to impact the online lottery landscape, making it more accessible, reliable, and enjoyable for everyone.

We appreciate your support as we embark on this journey, showcasing our adaptability and readiness to advance with more effective business practices. Together, we look forward to achieving great things in the online space, marking a profound shift in both personal and professional evolution at EveryMatrix.

The original version of this interview was published by 5 Star Media.

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