The EveryMatrix Web API reaches maturity

The new EveryMatrix Web API product enables operators to build their front-end with only HTML and JavaScript, which can be served as pure static files. The Web API is called in the web applications directly by JavaScript over secure WebSockets or HTTP for graceful fallback.

WebSockets allow full bi-directional communication between the server and the client with less overhead than traditional HTTP based methods, which generates faster and more scalable real time applications on the web.

The Web API is a fast and flexible way to develop a bespoke front-end matching the back-office capabilities that we are already offering for an all-round unique user experience. Operators can request access to more data and filters through the API, and apply the desired filters to generate a highly personalized user experience.

The new EveryMatrix Web API is now active on several of our clients, including the spectacular Buck and Butler and Thrills and several other clients awaiting final beta testing as we are reporting these news.