Kiril Nestorovski ahead of SiGMA 2019: Motivated by innovation

“Everything we do is driven by the desire to reinvent the way things are being done in the industry,” is how Kiril Nestorovski, Head of Sales at EveryMatrix, described the company’s enduring game plan ahead of this year’s SiGMA.

As the market-leading B2B iGaming software provider prepares to enter 2020, which marks the brand’s 12th anniversary, EveryMatrix’s sights are firmly set on the future with plans to expand its commercial activity and new partnerships on the horizon. “2019 was the best year so far, especially for our casino, sports and affiliate business units,” Nestorovski explained. “We’ve reached outstanding numbers, and in 2020 we’ll work towards further expanding our commercial activity and securing partnerships with more renowned operators.”

For more than a decade, EveryMatrix has defined itself by delivering the high-end hi-tech systems required by the world’s leading operators, bookmakers and lotteries, and for Nestorovski reinvention is the key component in their arsenal. “As one of the leading software suppliers in iGaming, innovation is essential to keep our competitiveness and is embedded in our core values.

“Everything we do is driven by the desire to redefine the way things are being done in the industry, starting with programming technologies, development roadmaps, back-office productivity tools, the ways we aggregate and distribute content, and finishing with the way our operators’ websites look like.

Our company invested heavily in new technologies and put a lot of work in rebuilding the gaming platform. To keep up with the quick pace of development in the iGaming sector, EveryMatrix places high emphasis on using advanced technologies and API development. With new protocols and structures in place, we made sure players’ demands for seamless user experiences are achieved in all circumstances.”

In the last 12 months, the brand CasinoEngine has grown to be the number one casino integration platform in the industry, and also the largest content library totalling 8,000+ games from 140+ providers. EveryMatrix partnered with several prominent operators who all used the casino aggregation engine to expand their footprint in new jurisdictions as a result of the platform’s compliance with Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Armenian, Georgian, and Lithuanian Laws.

Additionally, the company’s unique payment and sports betting solutions have achieved record investment and accomplishments throughout 2019, supporting EveryMatrix’s forward-thinking goals going into the new year. The OddsMatrix team put its extensive sports betting experience to good work and developed new front-end capabilities to support bookmakers in creating high-end websites quickly and efficiently. The company’s payments business unit MoneyMatrix received critical acclaim, while its affiliate and agent system, PartnerMatrix, expanded into new areas forging new partnerships with leading companies and affiliate agencies.

Commenting on how these successes and new partnerships set the company apart in the gaming industry, Nestorovski said: “EveryMatrix aims to be a flexible and agile partner for its clients, the same way our software has been built. This objective is also something deeply rooted in the way the company is structured and the way our teams work.”

“Everyone in the company is very much loyal to our credo of making everything possible, and this guides every interaction with clients,” he added. “We do not impose pre-defined ways of working to anybody, but rather try to find the best way of empowering partners to implement their ideas and projects. We are dedicated to focus on what we do best, and that is offering specialised B2B products in the iGaming space, from casino, sports to payments and affiliate software.”

Ahead of this year’s SiGMA, EveryMatrix is preparing to capitalise on the major milestones in 2019 and its amassed expertise across 11 years with an increased focus on Research and Development across its products. One such example is the company’s industry first, stand-alone Unified Bonus System, which creates, manages and reports on bonusing for cross-product programs, both in casino and sports. Nestorovski believes this product exemplifies the importance of gamification, something which EveryMatrix prides itself to provide, namely the necessary tools across all its solutions for operators’ success.

“Gamification is adopted in numerous sectors, whether it’s for pure entertainment or enterprise, educational, marketing or gambling,” he said. “We have invested considerable resources, and not only budgets, but also the time of our best development teams, to support clients with customization and increasing conversion rates.

“By using our Unified Bonus System creative operators can create the perfect gaming environment where players can come back and be rewarded for their trust, level up in experience and be rewarded for it, or get challenged in various ways. The product can be delivered to clients on their own platform, as it is neither tied to the system of the game provider, nor the EveryMatrix platform and wallet service as all other bonus systems.”

He concluded: “Nobody knows what the future may hold when it comes to online gambling, but one thing is certain – the online gambling industry is always changing and keeping track with the latest developments in the world. We hope to see more great innovations in the future for better online casinos and happier online players.”

The original version of this interview has been published by iGaming Times on October 29, 2019 under the title EveryMatrix: Motivated by innovation.

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