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Meet the EveryMatrix Sports Betting team at ICE London 2024 from February 6-8, and let’s chat at stand N6-210!

Whether you are interested in our sportsbook platform, competitive data services, machine learning mastery, enhanced risk management, and everything in-between, our six pillars are key to skyrocketing your sportsbook profits.


100+ Sports. All Events. Every Market.

We currently cover 110 sports, offering over 525,000 sportsbook events in Q4 2023. We provide industry-leading 1000 pre-match markets for English Premier League (EPL) matches where the median across tier 1 operators is just 293. Twelve of our sports are available with BetBuilder, including pre-match and in-play on football, tennis, and basketball.

Did you know?

OddsMatrix offers more pre-live and in-play football matches than any other operator in the world. In 2023, we provided 149,000 pre-live matches, with 130,000 of them available in-play. In comparison, the world’s leading betting operator had 136,000 pre-live matches, with 90,000 available in-play.

Unbeatable Odds

Our in-house quants team crafts sports model-driven odds, providing you with a cutting-edge approach to wagering, and consistent monetary results aligned with long-term trading strategy. We calibrate these odds against industry leaders, ensuring fairness and uniformity across all markets.

With OddsMatrix Sportsbook, you can also:

  • Tailor your own margins (payouts) for sports, competitions, events and markets
  • Sync your retail stores with our omnichannel solution: same odds, online and offline
  • Access exclusive odds and markets (including micro markets) on a greater range of events than any other sportsbook supplier
  • Gain consistent profit results reflecting long-term trading strategies (for example: targeting a steady 5% margin, avoiding variance to 1% or 10%)
  • Make informed decisions thanks to our odds audit & historical odds portal for effective competitor odds analysis
  • Upgrade your existing sportsbook with our easily-integrable sports feed, offering odds, data, and real-time settlement for a variety of odds

Optimal Market Uptime

In the world of market availability, we’re among the elite, going toe-to-toe with the industry’s leading operators.

Skeptical? Check it out for yourself in our recent Football Market Uptime Report!

We put Customer Experience first at OddsMatrix. Our market uptime stats are the talk of the town, offering players an uninterrupted betting experience and operators a boost in bet count and volume.

Machine Learning Mastery

Easily feature and organise events based on customer interests with click-based ranking. Our AI looks into player betting history and creates personalised Homepage event banners for each customer, enhancing their betting experience.

Our Automated Risk Management system calculates and predicts player behaviour, empowering our Risk & Trading team to enhance customer profiling and optimise risk and liability settings. Our sports models are setting new standards, especially in football.

Our in-play Logloss Metric outperforms the industry standard, ensuring precision in predictions and giving you the winning edge. Check out our Football Live Odds Accuracy comparison for Premier League as an example:

A competitive logloss indicates that the model’s predicted probabilities are closer to the true outcomes, making it an important metric for assessing the quality of sports betting models and their ability to make accurate predictions.

Tech-driven Efficiency

Our Sportsbook Platform demonstrated an impressive availability of 99.9% in Q4, 2023. During peak times, 99% of all winning bets settled in <90 seconds after events concluded.

In Q4 2023, we implemented key improvements to our platform. We migrated to a new Kubernetes cluster, which resulted in improved Cash-out API performance and we implemented a single-tenant Bet Settlement module to speed up the settlement process, particularly during peak periods.

Strong Client Relations

With 97% client satisfaction score, OddsMatrix is highly responsive to partner and customer needs, offering exceptional account management & customer service, unbreakable customer relationships, and expertise in sportsbook trading and risk management.

Right from the get-go, we ensure excellent account management and customer service, maintaining this momentum throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship.

We actively listen to our partners and their customers, investing time in developing products that not only meet but exceed expectations, all achieved with speed, agility, and clear communication.

We have a track record of sustained client loyalty which defines us as the premier Sportsbook provider, where strong client relationships are not just promised but proven.

Our team of traders and analysts focuses on crafting tailored trading strategies and understanding your customers’ risk profiles. We take a hands-on approach in managing liabilities, ensuring risk positions align with best practices and predefined parameters.

Our goal is to optimise your operations and safeguard your interests through effective and responsible risk management.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our trusted clients:


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