Personalisation and Gamification: a winning combination for bonus strategies

The iGaming industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, making it a highly competitive market where operators must constantly find new ways to stand out to attract and retain players. Doing that is no easy task, especially now, when consumers are becoming more educated in the field, which in turn urges them to look for more meaningful experiences.

Two solutions to the ever-increasing player expectations are personalised bonuses and gamification, as underlined in today’s consumer trends reports. Combined, they create unique player journeys which fit perfectly in 2023’s growing environment.

In this article, we’ll present a comprehensive guide that will teach you to take advantage of personalised bonuses and gamification in order to drive player engagement and loyalty and all the different ways to implement these techniques in your operations.

Gamification in 2023’s iGaming consumer trends

Gamification is a key element for gaining and retaining customers, while personalisation boosts brand growth exponentially. Players expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations and deliver personalised interactions to them.

To take advantage of the gamification and personalisation trends, you must first understand who your most valuable players are, what drives them and what they expect to experience with your brand.

Start by segmenting your player base on demographics, localisation, wagering and gaming behaviour and more, identify your most valuable customers and create campaigns to attract and retain similar audiences.

Continue by implementing gamification into acquisition and retention campaigns that are creative, genuine, and personalised to your players’ needs and desires.

How gamification will boost your iGaming business

What benefits does gamification in iGaming offer to operators?

It attracts real players and not so much bonus abusers and keeps valuable players on the website, for they would be losing their progress and partially earned-out rewards if they leave. Since the player works towards earning a reward, they have the incentive to visit and interact with your website on multiple occasions.

Gamification can also reactivate inactive players by offering them incentives to play again through the means of challenges, attractive rewards, or free tournament entries.

Cross-product gamification will make the player base engage with other content, expanding the experience across other verticals and leading to business growth and customer satisfaction.

Here are some benefits of cross-product gamification:

  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Optimised profitability for bonus campaigns
  • Seamless customer experience across all your verticals

At EveryMatrix, we understand the importance of attracting and retaining your most valuable players. That is why we created the ultimate bonusing solution: BonusEngine.

BonusEngine is the time-tested must-have solution for casino and sports bonusing and gamification, created with the sole purpose of boosting player acquisition, retention, and reactivation.

A straightforward scheme for gamification in iGaming

If you are looking for ways to use gamification in your online casino, start by creating milestones for the players, intertwined with choice-driven paths that will unlock rewards and all sorts of currency that is specially made for these instances.

There are many gamification tools that can be used to help the wheels spin faster behind the scenes, such as CRM tools or PAM platforms. They help with strategy and will ultimately create a rich and fully automated player journey.

Implementing strategic gamification bonuses, such as rewards triggered by wagering targets or scheduled tournaments, will also increase your turnover rate.

Another critical KPI that shouldn’t be omitted when talking about LTV is the churn rate: how many of your active players lapse from one month to the next. There is a lot to gain from making sure new players stick around.

There is no unique recipe for success regarding obtaining higher player LTVs. Still, there is a set of golden rules of casino bonusing that should be followed, and from our experience, online casinos that employ gamification and follow those rules fare exponentially better.

According to aggregate data from PartnerMatrix (our affiliate marketing software platform and agent management system for casino and betting operators) based on more than 60,000 gambling affiliates, the average CPA (cost per acquisition) in the iGaming industry varies around $50-100 per acquisition, and for the casino vertical specifically, the CPAs go even higher.

In terms of gamification, our experience demonstrated that online casinos that implement bonus gamification, such as tournaments and missions, increase player acquisition and player retention. Bonus gamification based on player behaviour can be the differentiating factor that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Download our Gamification in iGaming guide and discover top gamification strategies to boost player acquisition and retention.

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