From Zero to Hero: How We Built the Biggest Casino Aggregator in the Industry

For online operators to access new and entertaining casino content, EveryMatrix provides a flexible and seamless content aggregation technology created to maximize revenue potential by combining thousands and thousands of games from over 70 content providers. Our casino product also enables operators to manage different game features such as bonuses across all the vendors from one back office.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

8-9 years ago, our casino offering consisted from just a few titles from NetEnt and players had to transfer funds between various wallets. NetEnt’s bonus system was used for casino bonusing. Not long after, clients could choose between multiple vendors, Microgaming and NYX being among the first we added.

The present casino product started emerging at the end of 2012 with the launching of a new seamless wallet that worked across several casino vendors. At the same time, we built our own bonus system allowing operators to run bonusing campaigns across vendors, which was rare at that time.

Fast-forward to today, CasinoEngine is now the largest content aggregator in the industry with over 5,000 titles and new games added almost every day. Our constant integration of quality content permits our clients imagine and deliver the best possible selection of games for their customers.

It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success

However, our content aggregator was not built overnight and we did face a series of ups and downs that put our company to the test along the years: from development and integration elements that forced us to reconsider our code to constant efforts into establishing a strong relationship with vendors while keeping an open mind to deliver customized content, to name just a few.

We come to believe that by offering operators the possibility to choose the best for their online casinos, we create that necessary diversity for their final customers. Wealth of content also translates into stronger clients who can become successful businesses in the jurisdictions they choose to target. So, delivering a high number of games doesn’t mean that every operator will integrate the same content, but simply have a better chance of choosing the right games for the right audience.

The right games for the right audience

A crucial part of CasinoEngine focuses on consistency and “seamlessness”. We wanted to make sure CasinoEngine is a high-quality gaming platform that offers a great number of games for various clients.

However, as content providers do not always do things the same way, CasinoEngine needs to assure consistency, whether it is gaming transactions, how to display a game, calculate jackpot contribution, register and present game meta data, present game replays and detailed game round history, etc.

Not long ago, we started re-building CasinoEngine from scratch in our Unified Back Office with many new features. Maintaining the product legacy was a challenge, the same way it has been a challenge for other EveryMatrix products (from sportsbook to the affiliate system or generic reporting) to make the transition from the old to the new platform.

Our company invested heavily into new technologies and put a lot of work to rebuild the gaming platform. To respect this demand, EveryMatrix placed in the last few years a high emphasis on using advanced technologies and API development. With new protocols and structures in place, we made sure players’ demands for seamless user experiences are attended in all circumstances.

Every provider faces sooner or later the challenge of managing a large variety of content on a stable platform. To respond to this challenge, we worked to bring along value added services like common reporting, lobby management, bonus management, and a game recommendation engine.

The right tools are just as important as content

Though it is amazing to offer so many vendors in a single platform, casino operators need more than this and aggregation is nothing without a great content management system. And this is another challenge we had to face on the road to put casino operators in full control of their games offering.

It was again a big challenge to integrate with different APIs from different vendors and have diverse gaming content respecting the same level of quality and the same output format. And this is exactly where our gaming integration component came into play. It solved this hassle and created a balance between all the different vendors.

Even from the start, building CasinoEngine revolved around the concept of having a platform that can manage multiple vendors with ease. Even now, there are still operators, even big ones, that offer multiple brands, but they manage each of them as separate vendors, with different backends, bonus systems and wallets.

For this reason, when potential clients request a CasinoEngine demo, they are always amazed by the possibility to manage everything in one place and seamlessly.

Games Management

The game management tool in CasinoEngine is rich in search and filtering options allowing operators to edit a wide and steadily growing number of game settings and attributes, FPP contribution, game description, categorization and much more. Our casino platform also offers data as RTP, hit frequency, bet limits per currency, country restrictions, supported languages and other valuable information.

Lobby Management

Our Lobby Management tool allows operators to create from the same place different lobbies with categories and sub-categories, and populate them with games in just a few steps. Operators can build games for RNG games, live dealer tables for web and mobile, or they can create personalized lobbies to address regional and local tastes.

Game Recommendation Engine

Operators who want to improve their website customization capabilities can use our Game Recommendation Engine that is based on advanced algorithms to provide automated ways to make compelling recommendations of games to players according to their preferences.

Finally, our CasinoEngine product features today numerous feeds, from popular games and progressive jackpot values to recent wins and top winners, all available as CMS widgets or WebAPI.

Unified Bonusing System

A great bonusing system is key for the success any online casino is looking for in player acquisition and retention. We understood early on that a joint bonus system is mandatory and, to make it better, we rebuilt it from scratch.

Our Unified Bonusing System is a modular bonus system which is created to manage and report on bonusing for casino and sports products, including hybrid (casino/sports) bonusing.

The Unified Bonusing System includes various bonus types and many settings per bonus type. The main bonus variants are Deposit Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Bet Bonus, Cash Back, Free Bet, and Free Spins.

The system allows players to hold unlimited numbers of the same kind or different kinds of bonuses simultaneously. In the case of bonuses that are fund-based (bonus money), different bonuses are kept in separate, stacked bonus wallets, which are all active. While each wallet has its own properties, conditions, remaining wagering requirement, expiry, etc., seamless betting functionality allows for cross-bonus wagers.

It also supports extensive bet and player selection filtering, as well as in-depth bonus contribution options. Using our advanced Unified Bonusing System, operators keep full control on bonus costs and have the possibility to create multiple bonus types in various languages and currencies across numerous vendors and products.

Tailored integration options

A unique experience can be offered also by delivering a customized front-end. To reach this target, we left behind the delivery of template based user interface and we are glad our clients appreciated our efforts in giving the liberty to create unique visual experiences that fit their expectations.

CasinoEngine can be integrated as a standalone solution inside a proprietary platform where the player’s wallet is hosted, with a mix of functionality offered, depending on front end management, or sold fully serviced from inside our standard service platform, GamMatrix.

After investing in our gaming platform for the last few years, we managed to reinvent our main products and we are now able to deliver them as stand-alone solutions or as part of a larger platform. This was a response to our clients’ needs who sometimes require a single product from our offering.

Better integration also means faster addition of gaming content

This superior integration also applies to our casino platform and is connected to our commercial move to attract and include big names from the industry.

Among the main improvements we brought forward stands the fact that the present casino integration takes place in an independent application, which offered us faster and more reliable integrations, with a dedicated team created for this. By bringing this new element into the game, we reached a record high speed of addition of new vendors into the CasinoEngine platform.

Another great advantage with our increased speed of integration is that we can faster sign new or niche vendors for our clients at a lower cost. And this is a major commercial advantage.

Tackling special requests in a generic way

Clients lose out if CasinoEngine branches out in special versions for different clients. The solution was to consider requests in a generic fashion so that we can cater for all clients. One CasinoEngine solution with tons of customization to deliver to different clients with very different needs.

By taking this path, we aimed to avoid duct-taping a new feature to CasinoEngine to cover a single request. We rather chose to walk the extra mile and make the feature a natural part of our casino product. A good example would be Norsk Tipping that requested from us to provide a tool to manage toolbars (buttons sitting on top of mobile casino games) for them and even informed us how the buttons should look and where they should appear.

Instead of creating a very specific toolbar management tool, we created a tag management tool to enhance our existing tag functionality. This tool allowed Norsk Tipping to define tags that describe the toolbar, but in addition it also allows all clients to manage and organize their tags, which was not possible with the old tag tool. Further on, tags are not specific to toolbars, they are generic and they can be any kind of game meta data, such as to describe game themes or features, and other game properties.

Speed, speed, speed

More casino games on a large platform can bring additional technological challenges, such as lowed speed. To address this challenge, our development efforts have been focused not only on bringing new features, but redesigning our casino solution to keep up with the growing number of transactions and exponential growth.

We understood that key to our challenge is to deliver scalable and high-performance products that can be easily incorporated by any operator.

That’s why, CasinoEngine has been split from our gaming management platform to be offered as a stand-alone solution. Consequently, we cut latency overheads between operators’ platforms and the vendors we signed.

Another step into addressing the slow speed challenge that could have affected our Asian clients, is establishing hosting servers in the region to operate in parallel with our European data center and ensure the best possible user experience for Asian based players.

Servicing local operators

It is a major challenge to offer the best services to operators interested in a single market and come with a customized offer. At the same time, providing best services to many clients demanded from us that we raise the bar and always seek quality into our products and services.

One way to respond to this challenge was to adapt to the local conditions in the jurisdictions we are present, increase communication with our clients and finally understand their objectives and needs. The lessons we learnt along the years have been implemented in development, integration, account management and support.

Our ultimate goal is to bring localization of sales and account management closer to clients and really understand the market they operate in, their customers, their competitors and finally the legislative landscape.

Legislative challenges

Acting in compliance with the regulations from the territories targeted by our clients has always been a major trial. As a platform provider, adapting to changes in the market is an ongoing process that we constantly follow.

Acquiring the Danish and British gaming licences was the result of a joint-effort between us and those content providers that were also in the process of being licensed, so that we can provide the required reporting, the responsible gaming features and other additional technical requirements.

For the UK for instance, our company integrated a reality check functionality that applies to all UK licensed vendors. This reality check facility makes it possible for players to set a frequency to receive a display of the time elapsed since the session started, which offers gamblers the chance to set a limit to their losses and exit the gambling website.

All the same, we implemented many other tools to assist players enjoy responsible gaming sessions, such as the possibility to set financial limits to their accounts. For example, to avoid potential hasten decisions, an increase in their deposit limit will not take effect until a period of 24 hours.

Another aspect related to self-exclusion has been implemented in Denmark and it’s related to the possibility to exclude oneself from all online gambling activities in the country. Players may do this by registering in the Register Over Frivilligt Udelukkede Spillere (ROFUS).

Our efforts were also focused to adhere to the regulations of the Norwegian gaming authority Lotteritilsynet, as part of our partnership with Norsk Tipping.

As Hans Erland Ringsvold, Head of VLT and iGaming in Norsk Tipping, stated: “EveryMatrix has done an excellent job by offering a rich and flexible solution that meets our present requirements. In conjunction with their competitive price model, EveryMatrix provides a solution catering for efficient integration to our different game vendors, scalability and redundancy, all operated in our own hosting environment.

Our Malta, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland or Romania licences provide clients with the prospect of operating in a vast amount of countries. Clients operating on one or more of our licences enjoy the benefits of leaving increasing licensing demands to an experienced team which includes tax calculations and payments, reporting requirements, hosting and data integrations.

Back to the future

After a long period of investment in our gaming platform and our success in providing our present solutions as stand-alone products with an increased degree of flexibility, we are looking ahead with excitement and we’ll continue to place a high emphasis on deeper intelligence and product flexibility, the main key elements in reaching better results and higher revenues.

For this reason, and as a direct consequence of our growing technical improvement, we are honored to have brought aboard names such as Tipico, Norsk Tipping, 188Bet, and K8 UK.

As online gambling regulation frameworks become available in new countries and grasp fresh audiences, our long-term vision is strongly influenced by the constantly changing landscape of the iGaming space and we do believe the future belongs to those who listen and act.

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