EveryMatrix signs RGS Matrix partnership with FunFair Games

EveryMatrix’s remote gaming server RGS Matrix has signed an agreement with innovative new game studio FunFair Games.

The agreement will enable FunFair Games to distribute its new multiplayer game content through RGS Matrix’s ‘out of the box’ server, known for its open architecture, consistent deployment, and quick content integration.

FunFair Games, formed out of the pioneering blockchain group FunFair Technologies, has a vision to develop a new genre of multiplayer games for a new generation of gambler. RGS Matrix’s ability to quickly and cost-effectively develop support for these new multiplayer games, as well as its impressive distribution potential, were critical factors in finalising the deal.

The deal will also see the FunFair Technologies brand distribute its existing portfolio of more traditional games, which had previously been available solely to blockchain players.

Mathias Larsson, Managing Director of RGS Matrix, said: “Although we’ve signed various RGS Matrix agreements to date, this one with FunFair Games stands out in its goal to introduce a new gaming vertical to the iGaming sector.

“This partnership has required industry-first features to be added to our RGS technology, demonstrating our adaptability as a studio partner and our commitment to effectively delivering the best, most innovative games content to our operators.”

Lloyd Purser, COO of FunFair Games, said: “Working in crypto for so long, we identified a clear gap in the market for specific styles of simple, yet truly engaging multiplayer igaming content, so it was a logical decision to set up the new FunFair Games brand to pioneer that.

“We scoured the aggregator market for a partner who could support our needs, and RGS Matrix’s excellent distribution and the ability to easily adapt their platform for our multiplayer games made it a clear winner.

“We’re also keen to broaden the reach of our other games brand, FunFair Technologies, pushing the considerable content portfolio we’ve developed over the years. There’s a lot more to come and we’re excited to get our first games of this partnership to market. Make sure to watch this space!”

About FunFair Games

FunFair Games, part of the FunFair Technologies group, has a vision to develop a new genre of multiplayer gambling games to engage a new generation of online gamblers.

By targeting Millennial & Gen Z players, a demographic that traditional online casinos struggle to attract, the studio’s pioneering content will provide players with the chance to share a more entertaining, engaging, and social experience together. This unique style of multiplayer games will be distributed seamlessly through existing channels, opening up immediate new revenue streams for igaming operators globally.

About EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix delivers a modular and API driven product suite for casino, sports betting, payments and affiliate/agent management. The company’s B2B iGaming solutions are designed to help clients unleash bold ideas and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets.

To offer the services required by operators, the EveryMatrix products work together as an entire platform or independently. They can be easily integrated with existing platforms to accommodate different types of clients from bookmakers to lotteries and from existing large operations to newcomers.

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