EveryMatrix introduces unique sports aggregation technology at Betting on Sports Week in London

Between 18-21 September, EveryMatrix is gearing up to join Betting on Sports at Olympia London, to showcase our latest OddsMatrix Sports Data Feeds products, including the recently launched OddsMatrix Aggregator.

With the OddsMatrix Aggregator, bookmakers get access to a powerful and unique tool which allows them to combine odds, settlement, and score feeds from multiple providers into a single aggregated feed.

Operators can set priority between their providers in an easy-to-use interface and at arbitrary fine granularity. This permits them to boost coverage, ensure automatic failover, minimize bet suspension time and maximize betting margin and profit. The Aggregator includes the option to customize margins from a sport, league, or match, down to market level.

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO commented “The number of data providers is indeed growing but it’s a costly market to stay competitive in. There’s a good level of innovation and only a handful of serious providers capable of servicing companies with ambitions to be in the top tier of sportsbooks.

OddsMatrix is a strong brand already and has always been based on a high degree of automation and a vast collection of data sources. At BOS 2018, alongside OddsMatrix Sports Data Feeds, we have a new product to pitch, the OddsMatrix Aggregator, very exciting for me and for operators.

With the OddsMatrix Aggregator no new development is needed on the operator side, as EveryMatrix takes care of the necessary integrations. OddsMatrix Aggregator is a new and unique technology yet based on ten years of experience with operating a fully managed sportsbook, the OddsMatrix Sportsbook where the Feed Aggregator is a central component.

You will be connecting to our system via a highly specialized component, the OddsMatrix Publisher, which sends data as incremental and fast as possible, with a true push connection to your system. We have more than 30 clients connecting to this robust and tried-and-tested protocol already.” added Ebbe Groes.

The OddsMatrix Aggregator is also a component of the latest generation instalment of the OddsMatrix Sportsbook. Built from the ground up with no code reuse and based on an architecture designed for horizontal scalability and high-availability, the new sportsbook is a fully flexible, modular and modern platform in the making, waiting to be soon revealed.

If you are in the market looking for real-time, flexible, and accurate sports data, or want to improve your sportsbook performance and operations, boost your coverage and maximize betting margin and profit, do stop by Stand K20 at Betting on Sports in London and meet our team. Odds are on your side.

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