Ebbe Groes: Flexibility and agility are key to global success

EveryMatrix’s bold plan to pull apart its igaming technology platform into separate business units has given it the flexibility to successfully serve a whole host of customers globally.

Groes, speaking to SBC Media, stated that the move in 2015, to separate its different product verticals into individual units with individual management teams and budgets has meant it can give its customers “the chance to distinguish themselves”.

He explained: “What it gave us was this modularity that allowed us to both operate, manage and sell different pieces that we’ll be doing independently.

“The key thing is we can plug this in as it fits with you, whilst allowing you to control what is normally the most important thing to control: your front end user experience and the data. So these are the two key parts where we give operators the chance to distinguish themselves.”

Groes caught up with SBC Media at the firm’s Bucharest office, which recently opened as EveryMatrix celebrated reaching a headcount of over 1000. It has been a long journey for Groes, who co-founded the company 16 years ago in London, before moving to Romania and subsequently opening over a dozen offices globally.

But how does Groes reflect on this whirlwind journey?

“We’ve undergone huge developments in the last decade and a half. (Doing things) step by step and with, let’s say, modest means I think is a part of our DNA today.

“We’ve always been forced initially to make sure that we did things in efficient ways, because there was no daddy to come around and help us with the bills, if you couldn’t make ends meet. There’s been ups and downs but it has been a trip that has gone very well for us.”

Nowadays, EveryMatrix serves hundreds of clients from Europe to North America and more latterly Latin America. The firm has a variety of business units from SlotMatrix, to its CasinoEngine and its OddsMatrix sportsbook platform.

But one vertical EveryMatrix is keen to explore further is the lottery business. It already has a deal with the Hungarian National Lottery to provide its full suite of online gaming products but is looking to reach out with more lottery companies to help them bring their online offerings into the 21st Century, after identifying that traditional national lotteries are struggling to adjust to the rise of online casino.

Groes added: “We have managed to win by now five deals in the lottery space for our casino product and our sportsbook products, and we stand out here because most lotteries are using much larger and older suppliers than us.

“It is a very interesting area. These are very solid companies. They typically do very good businesses, but sometimes are lacking in modernization and competing with the more pure commercial operators. So they face this challenge on a global level and we have found a way to work with operators here they’re quite different from others.”

The original version of this interview was published by CasinoBeats.

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