Creating bonus strategies for Brazil’s thrill seekers

In an era of personalisation and gamification understanding player preferences, and tailoring strategies accordingly, is key to creating the experiences customers are seeking.

Among the many player segments, thrillseekers – those that prefer medium-to-high volatility games – represent a large player segment in Brazil. In total, 56% of the most played games in our findings feature in this volatility category. The rush and excitement draws in these players, while the connected tournaments and rewards keep them on the edge of their seats.

Our new Slot Trumps player behaviour reports, in partnership with iGaming Business, are a must-read series of data-driven insights into the world’s most talked about online casino markets, as seen through the eyes of players.

Within each 90-day snapshot you will gain access to vital market intelligence that will shape your strategy for either launching or growing market share in each territory. Each edition includes data on the country’s most popular games, themes, volatility, mechanics, features, and providers alongside a detailed breakdown of wagering behaviours.

In our first report Stian Enger Pettersen, Head of Casino at EveryMatrix, presents a deep dive into the Brazilian market. He covers key player behaviour trends, and outlines the optimum strategies to boost player loyalty and drive casino revenue in a newly regulating market with vast potential.

The allure of competitions attracts Brazilian casino players

In the dynamic Brazilian market we see a plethora of diverse preferences in game themes and features that reflect the vibrant local culture. But what stands out most is the preference for games that offer more thrilling, multilayered experiences.

Brazilian casino players interact with challenges, tournaments, and other competitions more than any other. Therefore crafting effective personalised strategies and including these features and the games they enjoy most is central to creating the ultimate gaming experience.

There exists an innate element within our human nature that justifies celebrating every triumph, regardless of its scale. This concept of triumph holds a crucial role in our psyche. It is as if we are inherently programmed to actively pursue it.

In igaming, competitions and challenges add further layers of excitement. These strategies are even more appealing for this player segment. Equally this is why games with higher volatility tend to be more popular, exhibiting stronger retention rates and healthier bet amounts compared to other content.

In the case of Brazilian slot players, where medium-to-high volatility content is the most popular, we see that the average bet is almost eight times higher for three high volatility games ranking in our top 20 games for the country.

Effective bonus strategies to reward thrillseekers

We have learned there is no single recipe for success when it comes to tailoring fun experiences for thrillseekers over 15 years in business. A combination of interconnected features is keeps players entertained and engaged.

With that always top of mind, we continue to develop, iterate and add to our suite of engagement features. This includes multiple layers of configurable jackpot tools, tiered challenges, tournaments, prize wheels, and more.

Below are our top recommended optimum strategies for brands launching in Brazil, or for those looking to offer a more compelling experience to customers.

Refining your casino jackpot strategy

Within our new JackpotEngine product we empower operators to create ANY form of configurable jackpot to add to ANY game and cater to ANY player segment. Brands can create, configure and control jackpots for any game and any provider, adding another layer of excitement for thrillseeking players.

From the pool of options available via JackpotEngine, operators can opt for progressive jackpots offering players a continuously growing prize pool for potentially huge wins over time.

Alternatively, cross-domain jackpots can generate significant rewards for players while effectively managing costs for multi-brand operators. In this case, players across all domains the operator holds contribute to a jackpot’s growth while spreading the value and cost across each brand.

Another type of jackpot to ramp up the excitement for thrillseekers, which we have in our JackpotEngine roadmap, is time-limited jackpots. These infuse the gaming experience with a captivating sense of anticipation.

Levelling up with tiered challenges

Tiered challenges make for another exciting way to keep thrillseekers entertained. There are no limits when creating player journeys sprinkled with challenges and unlocking rewards, but there are several elements to keep in mind when creating them.

A set of milestones is crucial, supported by rewards and triggers, as well as a currency of your choice (such as player points) for casino players to spend on perks, and the option to take different paths though the game.

We designed BonusEngine to use multi-level missions with different rewards per level, to engage this segment. Players reach a level it grants rewards instantly, and users can monitor progress and remaining time .

Using our solution operators can enjoy true flexibility and personalise tiered rewards. Operators can set set time limits on missions, configure quests to unlock one another, as well as creating a series of missions mapped with multiple rewards, so slot players choose the path they want.

Going head-to-head with in-game tournaments

Organising regular tournaments with real-time leaderboards significantly boosts excitement levels for this thrillseeking segment.

For example, using BonusEngine , operators can set cross-vertical tournaments both for casino and sports. What’s more, real-time leaderboards display all contenders’ current scores and game positions, keeping the players engaged and informed. You can create tournaments for a particular segment or offer them to all players.

Spin the prize wheels

Prize wheels, mixing a multitude of complimentary rewards are another great way to engage multiple player categories, including thrillseekers, in our experience.

A simple, yet successful gamification tool, prize wheels can replace the need for other third-party gamification providers.

Fuelled by today’s and tomorrow’s technological advancements, the future of bonuses and gamification tools shines even brighter when integrated with the potential of data-driven, real-time marketing, and automation.

This approach is a win-win scenario: as we continue to see in Brazil and many other markets valuable players gain access to progressively captivating experiences, while operators benefit from continually evolving systems that successfully cater to their business requirements.

Go to Slot Trumps Player Behaviour Reports for more information on Brazilian players.


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