Boosting the gaming experience for Romania’s classic slots fans

Over the course of our Slot Trumps research, we are rapidly building up a detailed picture of player preferences across some of the world’s fastest growing markets.

If Brazil was largely made up of “thrill seekers” then Romania is comprised of a blend of classic slot fans and bonus buyers.

On one side, you have those that are drawn to classic themes and land-based games who have been converted online. On the other side, you have players who are drawn to bonus buy features who generate larger than average bets of up to 16.5 times the average bet across a select number of popular titles.

Using the scale and power of our network – which contains more than 311 providers across more than 24,800 games – we have been able to take a series of unique 90-day snapshots into player behaviours across the most talked about markets, giving you access to exclusive insights that will positively influence your casino strategy.

As we established with Brazil, understanding player preferences and tailoring strategies is key to creating the experiences customers are seeking, and Slot Trumps provides the key intelligence you need.

In global terms, online casino in Romania is relatively young, regulating in 2010 and establishing a regulatory body three years later. Previously, the land-based market was the go-to source of real-money entertainment.

When online came to fruition many land-based titles were converted to digital, with high proportions of players today still preferring to gamble online with familiar brick-and-mortar favourites. These players favour classic themes such as lucky 7s, while game mechanics employ equally classic functionality with limited or no bonus features.

Configure new jackpot tools to mimic classic content

Players today however are demanding more experiences for their money. So how can we find the right balance between catering to an audience who will always enjoy classic content, while also providing additional layers of excitement and boosting retention and revenues?

JackpotEngine enables operators to create and add any form of configurable jackpot of their choosing for any game. It’s an ideal means to drive engagement, particularly for classic players with the ability to tailor products to mimic local, traditional gaming hall jackpots.

Built for regulated markets, JackpotEngine offers the possibility to remain fully compliant where traditional bonusing may not be a player preference, is limited or is not an option.

The ability to add this layer to classic content can be a game-changer, with operators able to re-create the look and feel of land-based jackpots, while also segmenting players and configuring winning probability, seed amounts, winning cap, contribution distribution and the split of contribution between operators and players, while also accessing real-time monitoring and reporting of jackpot transactions.

In tandem, imagine being able to offer classic slots players personal jackpots with an additional big prize layer on top of their favourite games. This is currently in development at EveryMatrix and is likely to be equally ground-breaking in markets such as in Romania. Early tests show that jackpots designed for specific players add a higher degree of loyalty than traditional jackpots.

Personal jackpots surpass the boundaries of conventional offerings, creating a tailored experience and nurturing a stronger connection between specific individuals and your brand.

They do this by delving into the unique styles of each player, adapting to their preferences, budgets, betting levels and playing styles, and offering the chance to claim a jackpot created just for you. The more you play, the larger the prize pool and only that specific individual can win it. This takes jackpot stickiness and player loyalty to the next level.

Presentation vital when targeting classic slot fans

Within our BonusEngine suite of retention tools, operators can take control of the gamification process and enhance the player journey via a wide selection of tools. This includes tournaments, leaderboards and mission-based achievements.

However, it is our challenges system that lends itself perfectly to taking a player who enjoys classic content towards a more exciting, multi-layered and more gamified journey.

Firstly, presentation is vital when targeting this segment, who are more used to one game type with limited features.

Personalising and tailoring these challenges to the content they expect to see and play is the first step towards enhancing their experience. Only then should you gradually guide them in the direction of newer content in between their old favourites.

In parallel, tailor your content per player type. Game recommendation engines are extremely valuable as they identify preferences in game type, and guide players to similar content they are likely to enjoy.

Ensure you add and feature the content they are likely to play front and centre, while still allowing them room to experiment via promotional pushes of games they might not normally play.

Many Romanian online casino players enjoy the classics, but there is much more to them than meets the eye. When combined with innovative gamification and retention features, and tailored and presented to them in a way they can relate to in line with their preferences, this can result in game-changing retention and revenue numbers.

Go to Slot Trumps Player Behaviour Report for a more detailed breakdown of Romanian player and wagering behaviours.

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