Platform Features

Through a rich set of configurations, you can fully control which players to target, when to target, and exactly what bets are covered, and their contribution, by any bonus while strictly and swiftly managing and reporting on your cost.

Bonus stacking allows players to hold an unlimited number of the same kind or different kinds of bonuses simultaneously. Bonus funds are kept in separate, stacked bonus wallets, which are all active and available to the player. Order can be sorted by the player or the operator.

Bonus Stacking

While each wallet has its own balance, properties, conditions, wagering requirement, and expiration, the seamless betting functionality allows for cross-bonus wallet wagers. Seamless bonusing assures that there are no interruptions when the player places bets, while the bets may be debited from Real-money Wallet, Bonus Wallet(s), or any combination of these.

Seamless Betting

Bonus bundling allows the operator to combine bonus programs with promotional packages that are activated by a single trigger and multiple offers to be granted simultaneously.


Bonus association allows the operator to create dependencies between bonus programs, such as to include and exclude bonuses available to a player based on which bonuses the player has already taken and the outcome of any bonus (lost, cashed out, expired etc.)


Advanced recurrence settings enable the operator to configure how often a bonus can be granted to an eligible player, including a set number of bonuses per defined period. Should a bonus be available once per week, every other Tuesday, or every 15th of the month from 13:00 to 15:00? The choice is yours.

  • Management Dashboard

    Management Dashboard

    Personalized dashboard with widgets that provides an at-a-glance overview of bonusing KPIs. Drag & Drop to add and place widgets relevant to each user. Monitor the performance of campaigns, and spot trends that require attention, such as high ratio of cashed out bonuses.
  • In-depth Bonus Program Reporting

    In-depth Bonus Program Reporting

    Full overview of each bonus campaigns performance through 30 output aggregations. Full breakdown of complete status of bonus wallets granted by any bonus campaign: cashed out, lost, forfeited and expired. Includes KPIs such as total deposits generated or net result of the entire campaign. The aggregations can be drilled down to view specific details of bonuses and players.
  • Ongoing Features Integration

    Ongoing Features Integration

    Ongoing integrations of new free spins and other promotional tools as new vendors are continuously added in the market leading casino platform CasinoEngine. BonusEngine is ever evolving with continuous development of new bonus types and functionality.

A variety of BonusEngine Product Configurations

Our vision is based on creating BonusEngine as a single point for managing players acquisition, retention and engagement, across all your brands and verticals.

Our platform technology makes it possible to provide multiple ways in which BonusEngine can be integrated: EveryMatrix hosted seamless wallet, client-hosted wallet, or a mix of the two.

A variety of BonusEngine Product Configurations

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