Next-level Gamification

Unlock the true potential of real-time gamification by tailoring efficient retention campaigns powered by a solid bonus system and gamification platform. Take control of the gamification process via a wide selection of tools such as tournaments, challenges, leader boards and mission-based achievements.

Multi-level missions

BonusEngine offers many features and bonus types for gamification. Multi-level missions with different rewards per level can be created through the wagering bonus type.

Rewards are instantly granted when a level is reached, and players can monitor both progress and remaining time. Expiry time of any mission can be set to any number of days all the way down to 1 minute. Completing a mission can unlock another mission instantly or with any configured delay.

Through association settings, players can be presented with different missions or series of missions, where the players choose which challenge they want to take on – and which rewards they aim to reach. True flexibility and personalization.

Multi-level missions


Bonus Engine tournaments allow players to compete against each other for prizes over any period of time. Tournaments are available both for casino and sports.

The real-time leader board with full information about all contenders current score and position makes sure the players are engaged. Like all the other bonus types, tournaments can be created for any segment of players, or be open for all. Scoring criteria can be set to create a level playing field across all types of players, whether they place big or small bets.


Next-level gamification via CompetitionLabs

BonusEngine is integrated with the 3rd party CompetitionLabs gamification platform. CompetitionLabs’ rule engine consumes data stream from EveryMatrix to create real-time gamification which is exposed to the player via off-the-shelf customizable widgets or APIs. Via webhooks CompetitionLabs can action any type of bonusing from BonusEngine to reward players.

  • Access a wide selection of tools such as tournaments, challenges, leader boards and mission-based achievements.
  • Unlock the true potential of real-time gamification
  • Tailor efficient retention campaigns
  • Build a rich experience for your players
Next-level gamification via CompetitionLabs

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