What is affiliate software, and why does your casino need one?

In the dynamic world of iGaming, staying ahead of competition is paramount. Affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to drive targeted traffic to online casinos, consistently proving its efficiency year after year with nearly 10% annual growth. Moreover, the affiliate channel is becoming the number one marketing channel for many brands and companies, with at least 80% of the brands launching their affiliate channel worldwide in 2023.

The success stories of renowned casinos like 888, William Hills, Melbet, Bet-at-Home, and numerous others underscore the potential of affiliate marketing in growing monthly revenues and expanding into uncharted territories.

But, amidst this thriving landscape, the question arises: what is affiliate software, and how do we select the ideal software to maintain smooth affiliate operations? Join us as we embark on a journey to unravel this topic and unveil the top choice in the industry, PartnerMatrix.

How do affiliates bring traffic?

Affiliates utilize a diverse arsenal comprising blogs, live streams, articles, listicles, reviews, and more to captivate the ever-expanding online gaming audience. Through persuasive content and strategic placement, these marketing professionals introduce potential players to the world of online casinos and sports betting.

However, the true meaning of affiliate marketing unfurls when these newly introduced players transition from curious onlookers to active participants. Affiliates earn their commissions only when these referred players take concrete actions, such as making a deposit or spending a designated sum of money on the platform. It’s this symbiotic relationship where both operators and affiliates stand to gain substantial rewards.

How much do casinos earn with affiliate marketing?

The numbers affiliates can generate monthly depend on different factors, such as the affiliate’s popularity, niche, region, games they promote, etc. But based on data possessed by PartnerMatrix, approximate monthly numbers casinos can generate from an affiliate channel are the following:

Startup casinos: Monthly profit may range from $0 to $100,000.

Established operators with developed affiliate channels: Monthly earnings can reach up to $1 million and beyond.

Top-tier casinos: By collaborating with numerous affiliates, they can achieve multi-million revenues through their affiliate channels.

In the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing, the selection of affiliate software stands as a pivotal factor. Transparency and real-time reporting mechanisms serve as the bedrock of this partnership, nurturing a foundation of trust and mutual gain for both operators and affiliates. The appropriate software not only equips operators with the means to oversee and enhance their affiliate programs but also provides affiliates with the tools to monitor their contributions, ensuring a seamless and productive collaboration.

What is affiliate software and how to choose the right one?

Affiliate software is a tool that enables iGaming operators to manage and track their affiliate marketing programs. A decent and up-to-date affiliate software should allow tracking of referrals and commissions and see the performance of affiliates who promote products or services for a commission.

When navigating the diverse landscape of affiliate software, consider these vital aspects to make an informed choice:

  1. Real-time reporting and marketing tools: swift access to detailed reports and a comprehensive toolkit is essential. These resources provide full control over various channels and setups, enabling agile adjustments to your strategies.
  2. Flexible Commission Tools: Your software should offer flexible commission structures. This allows you to craft diverse commission types tailored to specific niches, regions, and deals. This adaptability ensures your affiliate partnerships remain dynamic and appealing.
  3. Dedicated Account Manager: Having a dedicated account manager is invaluable. They serve as the linchpin in daily affiliate operations, offering expertise, guidance, and timely issue resolution.

Balancing your budget and goals is crucial, but these three factors form the foundation of a successful affiliate program. The right software, like PartnerMatrix, harmonizes these elements, offering a comprehensive solution for thriving in the iGaming world.

What solutions does PartnerMatrix offer for creating a successful affiliate channel?

PartnerMatrix, a leading affiliate management software, provides comprehensive control, transparency, and multi-module security for your affiliate operations:

Fast Integration and Onboarding: Simplify the onboarding process with minimal data entry. Our specialists guide you through, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Real-Time Reports: Gain access to real-time reports and data updates to make agile, data-driven decisions in the ever-evolving affiliate marketing landscape.

Customizable Commissions: Easily tailor commission structures to your needs, creating diverse models for different niches, regions, and deals, keeping your affiliate partnerships dynamic and appealing.

Advanced Anti-Fraud Measures: PartnerMatrix offers robust anti-fraud security to protect your business, maintaining the integrity of your affiliate program.

Precise Audience Targeting: Utilize segmentation tools and player lifetime limitations to precisely target your audience and maximize player value.

Personalized Support: Benefit from dedicated account managers who provide expertise, guidance, and timely issue resolution for your daily affiliate operations.

PartnerMatrix & DeepCI

Furthermore, PartnerMatrix’s integration with DeepCI, a state-of-the-art data-driven affiliate optimization service, elevates your affiliate program to new heights:

  1. Optimized Placements: By tapping into DeepCI’s advanced analytics, you can ensure that your affiliate program is prominently featured in the most strategic and high-impact locations, maximizing visibility and engagement.
  2. Global Insights: With DeepCI and PartnerMatrix, you gain access to a comprehensive view of affiliates and their activities across the globe. This global perspective empowers you to make informed decisions and fine-tune your strategies for affiliate marketing on an international scale.
  3. Targeted Promotion: Utilize Deep CI’s data-driven approach to strategically promote your games and services on partner websites and pages. By harnessing the insights provided by DeepCI, you can tailor your promotional efforts to reach your target audience effectively and drive conversions on a global scale.

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Affiliate software is the backbone of efficient management and tracking, necessitating factors like real-time reporting, dedicated account management, and flexible commission structures. PartnerMatrix excels in these areas, simplifying onboarding, providing real-time insights, and ensuring top-tier security against fraud.

The integration with DeepCI enhances PartnerMatrix’s capabilities, optimizing placements, providing global insights, and enabling targeted promotions. In a competitive iGaming landscape, choose PartnerMatrix to unlock your casino’s affiliate program’s potential for sustainable growth and success.


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