PartnerMatrix throughout 2020: challenges, new partners and achievements

The uniqueness of 2020 gave our PartnerMatrix team the opportunity to rise above its challenges, either by constantly optimising our software, making our solutions available for more clients or adapting fast to working from home.

While the COVID-19 lockdown also made an impact on the iGaming sector, with sports betting at a serious disadvantage, it gave a chance to verticals such as esports to shine. And PartnerMatrix, in particular, had the occasion to start new types of partnerships and make sure our software tools are updated to meet the evolving needs of new and existing clients.

According to PartnerMatrix CEO Levon Nikoghosyan, PartnerMatrix succeeded to promptly reorganize its activity in the first month after COVID-19 hit: “Going through remote work experience was not an easy task at first. We could overwork or miss something important due to a lack of face-to-face communication. But very quickly we reorganized and started operating according to the new situation. Thus, we rethought our relationship with partners. Our support and account management teams created a more flexible communication style with clients, proactively reaching out to them regarding system maintenance tasks or updates, for example.”

Boosting our media presence and B2B partnerships

Partnering with media platforms and creating strong outbound connections proved to be the key to success for us. Especially in 2020, with its lockdowns that excluded gatherings in “real life”. Yet, with the help of iGaming affiliate portals and directories such as AffPapa and Affiliate Guard Dog, we managed to extend the reach of our networks, introduce ourselves to new audiences and create stronger brand awareness.

  • Affiliate Guard Dog is one of the pioneers of the iGaming affiliate industry. They proved their efficiency in creating a strong iGaming community, and by helping companies solve certification and other issues easier and faster.
  • AffPapa is a newer and very promising platform that has already united hundreds of iGaming affiliates and operators to find better solutions. We will continue strengthening our outbound connections in 2021 and looking forward to new media partners.

2020 also saw PartnerMatrix expand its business into the B2B realm. Our brand is becoming the affiliate software of choice for B2B platforms through a handful of selected partnerships with providers such as Digitain, Prisma Gaming, DAOGroup, and Soft2Bet, among others. PartnerMatrix’s B2B partners leverage the technology for their own B2C clients, who are looking to launch high-performance affiliate programs.

Industry recognition and networking:
EGR B2B Awards | PM Talks

In July 2020, the PartnerMatrix affiliate system received industry recognition at the prestigious EGR B2B Awards as highly commended Affiliate Software of the Year. Being noticed by EGR was a result of many years of hard work, which makes us very proud and binds us to keep on delivering at the same level.

Admittedly, this year we didn’t benefit from the exposure of meetings, summits, forums and brainstormings, as most big events were cancelled. On the other hand, we were able to reorganize inside the digital space, find new collaboration opportunities, arrange a lot of online meetings, and we managed to extend our network.

Our first event from the digital series PM Talks allowed us to connect with incredible professionals from the iGaming affiliate marketing, coming from Bookmakers Rating, AFFPapa, FotuneJack, GSH Media, Playigo, GPWA, and Friends of Dench. We are looking forward to seeing more guests joining our future PM Talks episodes in 2021.

PM Talks: Affiliates H1 Recap 2020

Key product developments

The year we kept ourselves busy with adding innovative features to our affiliate tools, with the goal of operational optimisations and increasing the transparency of operator-affiliate partnerships.

Here are some of the most important additions to our affiliate marketing platforms:

  1. Pioneering real-time statistics through a new API, allowing operators and affiliates to instantly trace any traffic activity for a transparent partnership
  2. A securer, two-step authentication for Login and Payment Requests
  3. Advanced filtering for system reports
  4. Videos and games as affiliate marketing tools
  5. Monthly, bimonthly, and weekly calculation logic for commissions and rewards
  6. New Create pop-up tool aligned to one style
  7. Players’ block feature in the Agent Management System, to allow operators to trace and edit blocked users
  8. Suspended accounts status in the Affiliate system, activated after failed login attempts
  9. Weekly filters for more efficient management of the new Automated weekly balance reset in AM

And we’re already working on the next features that will enhance the security and operational efficiency of your affiliate business. Here’s a teaser: it’s all about Traffic Source Reports and Fraud Reports.

2020’s must-reads

Our plans for 2021

Based on everything that the past year has taught us, we’ll continue to improve our tools and features, aiming to always provide our clients with the best industry platforms for iGaming affiliate marketing. Our focus will continue to be creating the most efficient tools for your affiliate business, and we want to make some promises. PartnerMatrix will continue:

  • Improving system features
  • Supplying complex marketing tools
  • Building a friendlier user interface
  • Providing transparent and quick statistics and payment options
  • Creating a more dynamic support and account management to solve every possible issue as fast as possible
  • Building stronger networks between affiliates and operators, and helping them find and cooperate with each other in the most effective way

Staying true to our strategy of individual approach, we will continue to build industry-leading solutions for outstanding affiliate campaigns.

Thank you for being our partners, and let’s keep on rocking in 2021!

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