Platform Features

JackpotEngine offers full control of configuration possibilities via centralized management with real-time monitoring and reporting of jackpot transactions.

Any casino game or combination of casino games across the entire portfolio can be mapped to a jackpot. JackpotEngine supports both CasinoEngine and SlotMatrix content currently boasting 140+ integrations covering 250+ casino studios.

Create Jackpots for All Your Content

Create big, medium, and small jackpots with appropriate hit frequency, and bundle them together to cater to all player types. It is possible to bundle up to 3 jackpots all with different properties and seeds to combine frequently dropping pools with massive pools that rarely drops.

Tailor Your Jackpots

Offer more attractive jackpots and discounted or free participation to the most valued players. A jackpot can be for all players, one player, and anything in between. Any jackpot can be configured to be available to a particular player segment or even as a personal jackpot to individual players.

Use Player Segmentation

More jackpots, more chances to win. Casino games can be assigned to more than one jackpot for more thrills and chances to win. The different jackpots are independent and can have completely different properties, such as contribution, seed, and probability to drop.

Build Multi-level Jackpots

Ready-made widgets are available for web and mobile and can be styled and branded per operator and brand. Optionally, jackpot presentation can be built on top of JackpotEngine’s API by the operator for total control of the look and feel.

Increase Player Engagement

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JackpotEngine offers endless possibilities for jackpot configuration and mapping of the player segments and casino games via a centralized management system.

  • Dedicated widget-based Management Dashboard
  • Real-time monitoring of jackpot transactions
  • Detailed Reporting for full insight into the performance of casino games offering jackpots
  • Progressive or static jackpot pools
  • Scheduling of jackpot availability
  • Configure the min/max bet to be considered as well as the max contribution amount
  • Multi-level jackpots by bundling multiple jackpots
  • Hit probability, including hit frequency predictions based on actual gaming volumes
  • Front-End Widget configuration
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