Netherlands Gaming Market Report 2021

The recent coming into force of The Dutch Gambling Act puts The Netherlands into the spotlight of the iGaming industry. With an estimated 1.2 million active players, the country is set to become one of the largest gaming markets in Europe. It should rightfully be on the radar of every operator looking to expand their business territory.

But venturing into legislative territory in the making is no small feat. Our Gaming Market Report: The Netherlands sets out to guide and equip operators with the essential knowledge they need for a successful entrance into the Dutch market. Check out below a sneak peek of the information it covers, or dive in and read the report.

Dutch gambling market insights

Moving from legacy legislation to the newest regulatory regimen in Europe, The Netherlands sets the scene for a multi-operator future. The premises are promising. In a country with a 95% penetration rate of the internet and a gambling market projected to reach 1.1 billion in 2024 (according to the Dutch Gambling Authority), the liberalisation of casino and sports betting comes at just the right time for all involved.

All operators get the chance to begin from the same level, as it is mandatory to start from scratch with player acquisition; the gaming authorities have a better chance of reaching their target of getting 80% of operators licenced in the next three years; and players stand to benefit from a regulated environment, providing safe entertainment.

There is a strong emphasis on enforcing responsible gaming from a central level, via a Central Exclusion Register (CRUKS). Operators will need to set up the connection with CRUKS until the given deadline, meet strict marketing regulations, perform mandatory age checks and other KYC procedures, and participate in a control database that monitors the activities of all casinos.

In the newly shaped legislative Dutch landscape, it is worth keeping in mind that B2C iGaming businesses bear the full responsibility when it comes to complying with the law. They are also responsible for choosing wisely their gambling technology providers and making sure they have the capacity to meet all the requirements before successfully launching in this up-and-coming market.

Looking for a Good Start? Get our Netherlands Gaming Market Report and find out more on the above and:

  • the current state of affairs and the latest legal perspectives
  • technology requirements and the six steps to connect with CRUKS
  • how EveryMatrix delivers regulatory and technical requirements for a successful market entry

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