Work from Home

All offices (Romania, Malta, US, Norway, Spain, China, Thailand, Armenia) except Ukraine have the 40/60 rule of work from home.

What does this mean?

You can benefit from up to 40% of working time per month as work from home (WFH). You could, for instance, work from home every Monday and Friday or sometimes a full week. Always of course with consideration for the tasks, your team and other commitments.

The request to work from home must be submitted to the direct manager through the HR system (Sage People) at least a week before its occurrence and must be approved by the direct manager before the start date.

In case of unpredictable objective situations, WFH requests can be submitted less than a week before the start date but no less than 24 hours and no later than the 25th of the month.

This policy is applicable as long as it does not come into conflict with government-issued measures and regulations in each country, in which case the local government rules will take precedence.

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