Parties & Fun

Work hard, party harder!
From Friday Bars to Christmas Parties and from EM shots to shiny cocktails, everything is possible!

Here is a list with all the EveryMatrix parties throughout the year:

Summer Party. Each summer (or September at the latest) we organize two parties, one for our colleagues in Asia and another for our colleagues in Europe. All of us gather together in one location to get to know each other, rekindle old bonds, or put a face to those we hear every week in our Teams meetings. But most importantly, we try to have fun, party and spend time with friends.

Christmas Parties. Every winter, in each of our offices, we organize parties with music, food, dancing and, of course, presents brought by Santa himself.

Friday Bars. Every 2 months we get together at the office, with music, drinks, good food and entertainment. We use the opportunity to mingle and engage in some “well-mannered frivolity” until late hours of the evening.

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Everything is possible.
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