Kids Academy in 2020

We are immensely proud and impressed about Kids Academy’s work and achievements this year.
In one of the most challenging years for the educational system, here at Kids Academy we overcame the hardships and made sure that our children felt these difficulties as little as possible.
As the centers closed, we opened our arms to safely guide the children to continue their studies with online schooling.
They had support for their homework, and we made sure with our Summer School that they were not left behind because of the missed semester at the beginning of the pandemic.

Our Summer School – the fun and exciting kind of school that wasn’t only about doing homework but also art, sports and personal development with the most amazing teachers:
Raveicuta –  showed them the power of expression through art through painting, drawing, music and lots of fun creative activities. We can also say we have our own art room with the super cool graffiti painting of a wall in the Buh office.
Gabriela – helps the kids understand their emotions and helps them with their struggles through conversations and group sessions.
Steliana – brings energy to every room she enters and encouraged them to have an active lifestyle. They had dance classes and participated in contests with sports prizes.

Our amazing kids continued to expand and practice their programming skills. The mix between their interest in programming/ computers and their determination for a better future gives amazing results and keeps them busy and happy.

And we can’t forget to mention an unforgettable trip to the mountains in Busteni, guided by Monica and Gabriela with the purpose of helping in having a better environment by  cleaning up the area of plastic and other waste.

Three teams of kids coming from financially and education challenged environment participate for the fourth time in the International Robotics Competition – The First Lego League. They won a cup and two exciting invitations: one for Moldova’s National First Lego League Competition and one for the Global Robotics Competition that was supposed to take place in Detroit, USA, for next year.

Our first center, Pinocchio, moved to our Bucharest office. With the center being closed due to the pandemic most of the kids missed Homework support and worse, school altogether. So we stepped in and got the kids to our HQ giving them access to online school and to the much needed homework support.


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