Kids Academy – First World Festival – First Lego League Challenge, in Houston, USA

The end of April was an exciting time for kids.acadEMy! 

Our children attended the First World Festival – First Lego League Challenge, in Houston, USA. This was a wonderful learning experience for “The Glow Stick Team”, as they were nicknamed. They learned what it means to complete and do their best while treating the other competitors with respect and kindness. 

It was the children’s very first flight, and the first time they visited the U.S. Their adventure didn’t end with the First Lego League Challenge, however. The kids also had the chance to wander around downtown, take pictures of the giant skyscrapers and the shining lights of Houston, and enjoyed a delicious meal on a rooftop restaurant. 

Big thanks to the Lego Foundation who made this adventure possible through their generous sponsorship. 


Kids Academy is an NGO founded by EveryMatrix in 2015, with the mission to give disadvantaged Romanian children access to quality education in Computer Science, Mathematics, and English, helping them shape a brighter future for themselves. 📖

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