Time flies when you’re having fun. At EveryMatrix, years go by almost without notice. And while we may not practice the gold watch routine corporations use, we still like to mark the passing of another year in the company, even if in a small, symbolic manner, either by handing out branded items in the anniversary month or having one big party once per year to celebrate everyone at once.

You can reap many benefits through gift-giving, whether you do so on a personal level or a professional one. As a company, gifting presents to your employees is often a mutually beneficial scenario. Some of the benefits include increases in the following:

  • Productivity: Some colleagues can become more productive after receiving a gift.
  • Morale: Many colleagues and perhaps the company overall, get a boost in morale from getting a present.
  • Value: Gifts show you’re thinking of your employees, which causes them to feel valued.


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