Coffee Break with EM – Alina Alexandru

In the following weeks, join the EveryMatrix managers for some quality coffee time. We’ll get to know the people behind the leading roles of our company, the things they love and the stuff they hate. Let’s get a glimpse into their professional and personal life and habits. 

Without further ado, we present our Chief Technical Officer – Alina Alexandru. 

How did your EveryMatrix career start? What’s your favorite thing about working here? 
I started as an Integration Manager 10 years ago. My favorite things about EveryMatrix are the people; always a pleasure to interact with any of my colleagues, and of course, EveryMatrix’s openness to new technology.

What was your first job?  
I was a programmer initially, at the time when there was no framework for JavaScript and .Net was a new thing, Oracle and SQL Server were ruling the database world.

What’s one of your biggest work pet peeves?  
I find it most annoying when we reach some blockages in development because we prefer writing in chats/comments instead of a quick call. It is sometimes easier and faster to write instead of speaking, but not that efficient when an agreement on more complex things must be reached.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Give us your top productivity piece of advice.  
I noticed that starting earlier in the morning gives me a better edge and efficiency for the day, so I am training myself to maintain an early bird status. As for my advice for high productivity, “set short-term achievable goals” is one that I relate to most. Works for both work and personal life and helps organize a mind that wants to do a lot of things quickly.

What personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?   
I enjoy helping others at work. In general, I do my best to look at situations from more perspectives.

What would you tell your younger self?  
Relax! Also valid for my current self.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?   
I enjoy a good dessert, but less would be better in my case.

Name one thing everyone should add to their Bucket List.  
Appreciate life and whatever it throws at you. If you have a Bucket List, make sure you enjoy doing the things on the list and everything else. Be grateful for what you are experiencing now; the rest will follow.

What would you do if you were gifted a million dollars, no strings attached?   
1M USD is always tied to some sort of strings, but for the fun of it, I would: donate 10% to charity, travel to some places, buy some EveryMatrix shares, etc.

Share a photo of your favorite pet!

What are your most-used emojis?

Name 3 apps you couldn’t live without.  
Well, I can live just fine without any app, I was born and raised in the pre-tech era, and I can assure you it is possible, but for the day-to-day logistics, WhatsApp and HomeBank, and sometimes Netflix.

And finally, give us an idea for our upcoming Summer Party. Pick a theme! 

Thank you for letting us take a sneak peek at your passions and get to know you better, Alina! Keep on rocking the EM Management team!

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