Our Charming Bucharest Office

Our Bucharest office was established in 2004, and it’s our largest one up to date, housing over 300 colleagues.

The building is located in the heart of Bucharest, close to the Unirii Square and the Old Town, being easily accessible from all parts of the city and in close proximity to plenty of pubs and restaurants for those who want to enjoy some after-work drinks.

Inside the Bucharest office, you will find our own in-door gym, a large dining area, and a fun corner where our colleagues can play pool, table tennis, board games, or video games.
We recently added a children’s room to support our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

Here’s some fantastic news!

In 2023, we’ll be moving into a brand-new high-tech building located in the University Square, keeping our Bucharest office in the centre of the city.

The construction of the new building, Arghezi 4, has already started. It will provide the best working experience and environment to EM’s talented team when it is finished. The new establishment will have many facilities such as an in-house gym, a pool, an exterior backyard garden, several green spaces, a diner, a coffee shop, relaxation rooms on all floors, and retail services on the ground floor.

*Buzzing with excitement*

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