EveryMatrix onboards land-based supplier JVL on RGS Matrix

EveryMatrix enters new remote gaming server contract with established casino land-based supplier JVL. Following the signing of the new contract, JVL will leverage RGS Matrix to take their highly successful land-based titles into the online gaming space.

With a consistent portfolio of more than 100 titles and over 35 years of experience in providing solutions in the land-based casino arena, JVL is set to expand into the online gaming market.

By using the RGS Matrix solution, JVL will be able to build games fast, leverage quick integration capabilities, and distribute titles on a large network of platforms and aggregators, all which are paramount to success in the fast-moving iGaming world.

Mathias Larsson, Managing Director of RGS Matrix, says: “We launched RGS Matrix last year this time. The past 12 months have seen us presenting this new product to the iGaming world and attracting several up-and-coming studios who already launched exciting titles.

“The present agreement with JVL is different than the previous ones since they are our first land-based supplier that picked us to take them online. I think this signing announces a bright future for RGS Matrix. We are honoured to work with JVL, and we’ll be here to assist their team with their future endeavours, no matter how ambitious and bold.”

Inna Levitan, the Chairwoman of JVL, comments: “We searched for many years for the right opportunity to reflect our vision and bring over three decades of know-how of the traditional land-based slot design to the online market. This mutually beneficial venture will bring forth an excellent new product that will excite the online gaming community.”

Launched in 2019, the solution assists numerous operators to source fresh content and gaming studios looking to develop, distribute and manage their proprietary game product portfolio.

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About JVL

JVL is a Canadian Company, with its head-office in Toronto and operational offices in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and in the Native American jurisdictions of the United States. With an extensive library of video slot machines, JVL prides itself on being a top performer on the floor. The main driver behind the Company’s performance has been its ability to interpret a game’s story line through appealing graphics, sounds and under-the-hood efficiencies that are only available to expert-engineering teams; the same important ingredients that will prevail in the online market.

The company’s foundation is built on flawless implementation, efficiencies in design, innovative technology, creativity, and hard work. JVL continues to live up to the expectations of its slogan that the company has carried with pride over the past 35 years:

“We Take Our Games Seriously”.

Learn more at www.jvl.ca.

About EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix delivers a modular and API driven product suite for casino, sports betting, payments and affiliate/agent management. The company’s B2B iGaming solutions are designed to help clients unleash bold ideas and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets.

To offer the services required by operators, the EveryMatrix products work together as an entire platform or independently. They can be easily integrated with existing platforms to accommodate different types of clients from bookmakers to lotteries and from existing large operations to newcomers.

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