EveryMatrix joins iDEA Growth to bolster U.S. expansion

EveryMatrix, leading turnkey, sports, and casino supplier, joins iDevelopment and Economic Association (iDEA) to strengthen its position in the United States market.

Operating in the U.S. as a non-profit association, iDEA Growth serves as the eyes, ears, and voice for online gaming in state capitals and Washington D.C., under the vision of growth through regulated online gaming.

The association represents the legislative and regulatory interests of gaming operators with existing online entertainment platforms or considering entering the market. iDEA’s members include major players in all sectors involved in the rapidly growing online gaming industry and sports betting entertainment.

Erik Nyman, President Americas at EveryMatrix, says: “We are soon licensed in the first U.S. state and have multiple filings underway. I am pleased to now join iDEA, an organization I know since its inception. Jeff Ifrah and the team have made great progress with legislators and regulators and truly been the industry’s loudest voice to introduce online gaming legislation in the U.S.

“EveryMatrix has made our U.S. expansion a priority and we’re investing all the necessary resources on technology adaption and licensing efforts to provide the industry’s most comprehensive turnkey solution across America.”

Jeff Ifrah, Founder of iDEA, comments: “We are excited to have EveryMatrix join the iDEA network of members who are some of the most prominent industry stakeholders in our country. EveryMatrix’s success in the very challenging European market is nothing short of impressive and we trust their products and services will contribute to the U.S. market and our partners’ growth.”

Earlier this year, EveryMatrix announced the opening of its first U.S. office in Downtown Miami, Florida. With ambitious expansion plans, the new branch of EveryMatrix seeks to secure several licenses, including the New Jersey license. Short-term plans include the recruitment of several pivotal positions in Account Management, Sales, and Compliance.

About iDEA

The iDevelopment and Economic Association (iDEA) is a non-profit association seeking to grow jobs and expand the online interactive entertainment business in the United States through advocacy and education.

iDEA provides a strong and unified advocacy position with political representatives and business groups. Our members regularly meet with key legislators, head regulators, and members of the executive branch in states to advise on practical solutions and a roadmap to a more successful legislative process for online gaming, including providing draft model legislation.

Learn more at www.iDEAGrowth.org.

About EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix delivers a modular and API driven product suite for casino, sports betting, payments and affiliate/agent management. The company’s B2B iGaming solutions are designed to help clients unleash bold ideas and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets.

To offer the services required by operators, the EveryMatrix products work together as an entire platform or independently. They can be easily integrated with existing platforms to accommodate different types of clients from bookmakers to lotteries and from existing large operations to newcomers.

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