EveryMatrix celebrates 5 years of educational project Kids Academy

EveryMatrix is celebrating five years of its corporate social responsibility programme Kids Academy, a project which aims to offer Romanian children the chance to access quality education that would be otherwise unavailable to them, in three main domains: Computer Science, Mathematics and English.

Since 2015, EveryMatrix provides educational services in IT, Math and English in two-day centres for children, managed by Bucharest’s Child Protective Services. Earlier this year the company got involved in the third centre in order to grow the number of beneficiaries. Each centre now has a modern computer laboratory where kids can learn how to master technology. In 2019, Kids Academy evolved into a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and is now aiding over 100 pupils per year.

EveryMatrix recruited three skilled full-time teachers to help the children learn valuable information which will help them later in their academic and professional lives. Moreover, the company now guides a group of 10 teenagers who’ve shown great progress and interest in the courses, and even hired one of them part-time. The group is taking Advanced JavaScript classes and regularly participates in International Robotics contests (First Lego League), Mathematics Contests, and Olympiads.

Ebbe Groes, Group CEO of EveryMatrix, comments: “This project started almost 5 years ago when we’ve decided to be more involved in the community, and what more suitable way than to take care of the future generation. Our three teachers are helping the kids to do their homework; they host interactive learning classes and are there to assist the kids overcome rough times in their family life by counselling them.

“Beside sponsoring the centres with modern equipment and supporting the kids to travel to contests, we are also hosting fundraising events for them, such as Baking Day or Let’s Play D’Arts, where employees get involved and spend time helping the cause. We’ve seen amazing results, kids who made great progress in both their personal and academic lives, and we are committed to keep and expand this project for many years.”

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